UMVC3 Magneto Fly Movement



Hey I wanted to create this thread in order to help me and other new Magneto Players with Magneto’s air movements during flight mode. I’m having difficulty dashing quickly around the screen whilst Magneto is in flight mode.
In this video, Fanatiq illustrates fluid movements across the screen whilst Magneto is in flight mode and I was wondering how he actually does it.
At 1:00-1:02, 2:01-2:02, 4:55-4:56, 5:28-5:29, 8:49-8:50, 20:57-20:58 (you get the gist), Magneto utilizes flight mode to dash around the screen extremely quickly and efficiently. Help is much appreciated. I’m new to this site so I hope it’s not much of a problem that I’m posting this as a thread, I believe it becomes more visible and quickly answered as a thread.



lol seriously though, the movement you saw in that video would take a good while to practice and while i haven’t seen an actual video demonstrating actual flight movement, i do believe that someone here has been working on something like that.

also, as far as inputs go you’re going to want to go :uf: and :df: while simultaneously pressing two or three of the attack buttons to get that fast air dashing movement. all it takes is time in training mode and you’ll eventually get it. that’s i how started off with magneto in vanilla and once i found a recording device, i was able to show people the mistakes i was making and how i could improve on them.

another thing too is that if you have ANY questions that you think are related to magneto’s general movement in the air/ground, combos or other inquiry on swagnus material, then please go to the Magneto Question and Answers thread. All of the regulars will come and tell you or any newer magneto user that not to be mean or a hard ass, but to consolidate all magneto inquiry into one complete spot. as a wise man once told me “lab n swag” and welcome to the umvc3 magnus boards friend!


This is actually one of the few topics I do believe deserves its own thread.


now that i think about it, magneto’s flight movement really should have it’s own thread since almost every other area has been covered except flight. by all means though ask here or in the Q&A and i guarantee you somebody will answer =3


Honestly I used to suck at this even though it’s really simple to do. The more you play the better you get a feel for the timing.


Thanks bloodbeast, I’ll be sure to train in the lab and ask my general questions in Magneto’s Q&A, I couldn’t really find a discussion about this specific Magneto flight movement which is why I created a thread, no worries though, thanks again.


hey it’s cool brother! i was thinking about making a quick little clip showcasing some of his flight movement so at least you’ll have something to reference


that’ll be cool.


I always have question about this too. Sometime I can do it but sometime it just get stuck after a bit of flying. Not sure what was going on. Seem like there’s a timing to press dash again.


Well for Fanatiq it’s a bit easier since he’s dashing using a pad. He’s mapping one of his buttons to dash. So all he has to do is move is analog stick diagonal up and down and press that button.


I get it too, normally happens when I rush the inputs. Just slow it down slightly and you should get it off without a hitch. :slight_smile: