UMvC3 Mission Mode Thread


Here be a thread for mission mode discussion and help.

Vesper Arcade has put up extremely high quality tutorial videos for all 50 characters. These are the absolute best help you can get with any missions and Vesper has been kind enough to index them here

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Mission mode


Chris Redfield
C. Viper
Frank West
Jill Valentine
Phoenix Wright
Strider Hiryu
Tron Bonne
Viewtiful Joe


Captain America
Doctor Doom
Dr. Strange
Ghost Rider
Iron Fist
Rocket Raccoon


Finished Strider, Hawkeye, Wolvie and a few others thanks to the videos.

Deadpool’s mission 10 is where I just quit anyone been able to do that one yet?


What are the titles you get for completing Zero, Vergil, and Strider’s missions?


Am I the only one that’s having trouble linking the second Phoenix Rage in Phoenix mission 10? She just goes completely unresponsive after I X-Factor into the second TK Shot.


I hope people use this thread for discussing mission mode, rather than opening threads in the character sub forum to ask about one specific mission.


Could help if you put them in alphabetical order at some point.
Also when difficulties doing any specific ones arise, notes under said video would be nice.

And thanks for making a thread where this stuff is centralised so the sub forums are cleaner.


Thanks for doing these. Keep them coming =]


Question on Hawkeye’s mission 10 and Strider’s Mission 8 and just general execution. Been having a problem performing a (S) followed by a shoryuken style special move. For example, in Hawkeye’s mission 10 you have to slide, (s), Ragtime Shot, (

). For those that have accomplished these missions/combos what’s the general methodology for executing a special move after (S). I’ve tried slowing down my tempo, tried inputting the motion right after (S) hits with a 10% at best success ratio.


Under normal circumstances, you can’t properly chain specials or hypers after a launcher, but you can get around that by doing a tiger knee input, i.e. :dp::f::uf::l:. That way you come out of the launcher recovery frames via a super jump cancel but the move still comes out before you leave the ground. It’s the same methodology as how C. Viper chains Seismos in Street Fighter 4. That’s quite a sneaky mission, considering there doesn’t seem to be any hints for that execution method in game.


Good to have one of these threads, but do you think you could put them in alphabetical order and in groups of 5 under spoiler tags, so that it doesn’t take forever to load the first post?

On topic: Even with the video to help me I still can’t complete Nemesis mission 9. I can’t get that rocket launcher OTG without jumping and using air x-factor right away, which automatically fails the combo. Any tips, guys?


This. I tried backdashing and stuff immediately into TK too. It’s weird…


captain america #8. 100 internet points to someone who can show me how to do this.

i can do the combo just fine until the very last j.s, at which point the hit stun scaling is too great and it doesn’t connect. so then i’m thinkin i need to find a way to make the initial shield slash only hit once instead of twice, but after numerous tries of varying up the timing i gave up thinking its impossible. thinking that the mission was made early on, and there was some last minute hit stun scaling changes that made this combo no longer doable. fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

edit: nm. figured it out (read: not really, just tried a million different timings with the shield slashes and got lucky)

edit #2: after finishing 9 and 10 relatively easily, i went back to 8 to try to figure it out. both shield slashes still do hit, but i think what you have to do is x-factor before the 1st shield slash hit even connects (1-3 frame link?) and i guess this makes the hit stun scaling different under x-factor? i still don’t really know for sure.


I figured out Phoenix mission 10. As soon as the first Phoenix Rage is out, X-Factor and fall to the ground, then jump up and TK Shot into Phoenix Rage as Spencer is falling.


thanks for these! I’m a bit of a noob, and always seem to have trouble with the last two missions on every character. Calling in an assist during a combo seems to be a problem for me.


There’s lots of little things like that that make me wish there was a simple demonstration of the combo as numerous other games have done.

For instance, Wesker’s Mission 9 is always a pain for me. I never remember that you can dash under after the Ghost Butterfly.


In the interest of not having to embed 50+ videos in this thread I cleaned up the first post and put a link to Vesper’s YouTube playlist.


For Strider’s mission 8 TK the Vajra I just tried it and it definitely works. First time I did the mission I didn’t know about that, so the way I got it out was starting the reverse DP motion from crouch instead of back.


I noticed that Viper’s missions are bugged (8 and 10). Sadly I wasted 15 minutes failing Viper Mission 10 for no real reason before I realized this.


Seriously who dashes with forward forward in Marvel games, how was this not caught during testing. There was testing, right? :frowning:


Fuck me finally finished Vergil’s 9th. The 3rd stinger was giving me all the trouble in the world.


I’ll be sure to take a look. I’m having trouble with the last Strider mission.