Umvc3 need help punishing certain moves


hulks spamming gamma charge, dante doing his crossup teleport and vergil/dante doing helmbreaker, captain americas shield throw
is there a difference when you block on the ground compared to blocking in the air?
and if I KNOW dante is about to teleport behind me is there anything I can do besides watch? if you can explain how to punish these moves and give me frame data I’d appreciate it cuz I’m lost


The Marvel guide has frame data for every move.

If you block in the air, usually there isn’t a difference unless you land while in blockstun, in which case your blockstun is immediately cancelled. This reduces the opponent’s frame advantage, allowing you to punish helm breaker (for example).

You can air throw Dante’s teleport.

Gamma charge is a bitch, I don’t know myself.


hulk’s gamma charge retreat is punishable with a fast projectile, I guess. every other gamma charge can be punished except maybe light gamma charge at a safe distance.

dante’s teleport can be air thrown on reaction, or swung at if you’re good enough.

dante’s raw helm breaker can get punished but if he cancels into hammer, don’t think you can. maybe you can pushblock the helm breaker blockstun on reaction to the hammer flash then hit him long range. idk for sure.

vergil’s helm breaker can only be punished by chicken blocking, even then it’s kinda tight.

cap’s shield slash is a pressure starter, pretty sure you can’t punish that unless you’re spencer and bionic arm through the hits, or something like that.


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#1 don’t use the word spam. It isn’t spam. It works because u don’t know how to counter it. Go into training room and pick the problem characters as the dummies. Set it to record and do the move you are having trouble punishing. Now keep playing it back and see what moves work against it and what you can punish with. There is no shortcut. Get to work.


Hulk Spamming gamma charge, if he goes forward, just throw him out of it on his recovering frames. If he goes back then just shoot a projectile at him or dash in for a crouch L into a combo

Dante crossup teleporting can be thrown on reaction. Just jump up real quick and throw him out of it. Also you can stuff it out by just jabbing out L’s but it depends on who’s it is and how fast it is. Rapid fire jabs work better. Air throwing is the best bet though.

Sparda Brothers doing helmbreakers/j.S easy. Just jump up and block it and you can punish it on your way down into a combo. Easy stuff.

Captain America shield slash is easy too. Find out his pattern and then just avoid his shield slash and then go ham on him. He has to recover and let his shield come back so that’s the time you go bop him.

Blocking on the ground and in the air are different and can be a good thing and a bad thing depending who you’re playing against and if they know the ins and outs of their characters.


This is wrong. Captain doesn’t have to let the shield come back. He can actually cross you up with the second hit of the shield slash with his roll. If you hit him or make him block, the return part of the shield doesn’t hit though.

Also the really annoying Gamma Charge pattern is the up one into the down one in the corner. Forwards to back isn’t that big a deal, unless he covers it with drones… in which case it’s super annoying.

Oh and you can’t punish j.s to hammer with Dante, it’s super safe.


Oh lord… If you want to play that game fine.

I’m talking about more so his jumping shield slash. Yes, its true where his shield doesn’t come back if he gets hit or blocks. I actually play Captain America so I think I know what I’m talking about. Have fun throwing shield slashes/jumping shield slashes while fighting a Magneto who knows how to actually move with him. Good luck.

Do not start the j.S > hammer safe crap. It’s safe, not “super safe” as you say it is. People are just too lazy to punish it that’s it. Every time I see people playing against Dante’s, they always just let it slide and push block it wrong. You can punish it easily if its done a tad too high. The reason being is that hammer isn’t as invincible as it used to be compared to Vanilla’s hammer. Just push block it correctly and punish the whiffed hammer after the j.S. People don’t even take time to learn punishes let alone combos/tech. No one even does legit Dante throw combo’s let alone all of that other tech that he has with that toolbox of like 50 tools he has.


I think when anyone gives newbies advice you should stick to the day 1 advice. Because telling people to hit buttons against shield slash is, like, exactly the opposite of what you should do in general. You should have specifically said that you were referring to the air version and not the grounded version. Not every character can be anywhere on the screen at any given time like Magneto can, you’re going to have to block a few if you’re playing Haggar or Sentinel.

If they don’t do it too high you just dash into hammer with your face. Really, when someone is asking about “spamming moves,” you really think your advice should be “pushblock this on the right frame if they did it wrong and dash up to the right spacing and hit the right button and go into a combo from that?” Why don’t we keep it simple?

Yes, punishing it is good. But Dante has other ways to make j.s safe, such as air play, dash cancelling it, bold cancelling it as he lands, etcetera.


True that. I know what you’re saying but he simply asked a question and I replied. That’s it. Just cause someone posts in the Newbie thread doesn’t exactly always mean they’re a newbie. Someone might just want an answer to a question and if they were to post it anywhere else as a thread, most likely it would just be locked. Not saying this is the situation here, but just saying.

Obviously if you bring up these examples such as pressing buttons vs shield slash or the Dante making j.S safe etc… we’re going to be getting ourselves a new topic that’s not “exactly” related to this threads question. The thread simply asked how to “punish” certain moves and I told him exactly what it was. Now if he wanted another answer such as yes, but what if he does j.S to Airplay, then we would require such input as yours.


is there an unsafe frame after you jump or when you land? im confused, I find myself getting hit in the air then hit low before I land and opened up


I’m very sure it’s just like 3S where if you whiff an air move you’ll have landing recovery.


Don’t think so…

In my experience, you are always able to block provided that you are not in recovery frames.

I have huge problems against Hulk as well. Still trying to figure it out. Gamma charge is punishable on block, but the timing is pretty strict and when you’re playing online you can’t really punish it reliably. Also if the Hulk has meter he will almost always cancel the 2nd hit into Gamma Crush so if you press anything you get tagged for 400k damage.

My strategy against Hulk is to try and take the initiative against him using your assists to cover your approaches. Obviously you can’t just press buttons against him because you’ll get owned by st.H. I find that once he starts pushing you back and pressuring you with gamma charge + assists, it’s game over. I also try to dash in, and then dash back out a lot, to bait him into whiffing a st.H, but that is dangerous because if he decides to gamma charge instead of st.H then you are screwed. It seems to really be all about spacing. If you space yourself correctly you can bait him into whiffing the first hit of gamma charge, which is easily punishable if you’re looking for it, and if you’re far enough, you can push block the first hit, which will cause the 2nd hit to whiff, also easily punishable.

Btw toastedsub I’ve played with you a lot on xbl, gg’s.


what characters are you playing? Many things are character specific. What works with my team (Arthur-heavenly slash/Doom-missles/Captain America-Charging Star) may not work with your team. Also record your matches and post. You will get better advice if people can see what you are doing.


can you save replays in umvc3? how can I show my matches


No Toasty you cant save your replays =/ Lol


low fi you can grab a VCR from a pawnshop and record them onto a vhs, then play it back and record it with your cellphone then upload the celphone video to youtube. If your computer is decent you can use Roxio easy VHS to DVD and use a splitter for the audio and video, send one into the TV the other into the attachment for the program then you can use the program to chare old people for converting VHS into DVDs and have more money to buy more games :wink:


sigh, I don’t know what to do against trish, she can do whatever she wants, and stays in the air for days, and has traps around her so you cant even attack her, what are u suppose to do? theres nowhere to land a hit, I dont get this shit


It’s hard to answer this question without your team.


heres me being free to a zero, I don’t really know what to make my team either


If you would have not dropped taskmaster combos you would have won that.

You need to call assists more. Wesker in second doesn’t really make much sense, his DHCs suck and he needs a good assist or Xfactor to do things.

Learn to take initiative. Use Taskmaster arrows to get in with Wesker and Nova.

You obviously know what’s going on, you need to learn how to beat it. Blocking is good, and knowing how to block is good, but you can’t win by blocking. You gotta get used to zoning with moves. Wesker, for example, controls the ground very well with his cr.m.

When you pushblock something, if they always get you to block again anyway you have to learn how to switch momentum. You have to take a risk, either super jump or do a jumping jab forwards or call an assist, etcetera. Note how every time he called Akuma assist he killed your offense.

Wesker’s Phantom Dance hyper is awful as a ‘get off me move.’ You should never do that, unless you maybe DHC to Storm Hail Storm or something. Get used to all the defensive options in the game that are really good (pushblock, super jump, chicken block, assist, alpha counter, air throw, ground throw, etcetera). Hold your ground, and take advantage of your opponent’s decisions.

You also need to get better at offense, and knowing what your opponent’s options are.