UMVC3 New Year's Resolutions

Thought this could be a fun topic with the year change coming up. Are there any major changes you’d like to make to your game or characters that you haven’t due to simply being a bit lazy or due to bad habits? Are there any specific bits of tech you’ve shied away from learning so far? Do you need to learn to stop ragequitting? What are some of your New Year’s resolutions that will pertain to UMVC3? Topic’s a bit blog-like rather than discussion-centric, I know, but let’s see. They say it helps to write down your resolutions, so maybe this will help us level up our games.

For me, I really can’t wait for this upcoming week and a half off for xmas and new years. I’ll be at my folks who don’t have high speed internet, but I’ll be bringing this game along so that I can finally hit training room for an extended period of time (I like playing against people too much to go into training room more than a couple minutes at a time when I play it normally). .

I’ve been able to get by and do decently just based on a fundamentals and decent combo/reset ability, but I’m definitely not using/abusing any advanced tech for my characters, and I aim to change that.

Top priorities for the New Year:

Wesker H/gun loop reset/mixup
Better Spencer mid screen combo (I’m still just doing air series into grapple into bionic arm, so lazy)
Master Spencer’s super jump cancel cancel vertical grapple
Better Spencer mixups using his upwards diagonal ziplines, and getting better at using his overhead (I always have a problem accidentally doing piercer when trying to move from crouched normals to forward-H)
Nova javelin resets and javelin tag out combos
Finally get down Nova’s H loop
Get solid with Wesker’s extended combos in case he winds up alone (I’ve been a bit lazy using assists to extend at the cost of being less than perfect when I need to pull off some solo stuff)
Stop playing this game while drunk (haha, yeah right)
Get over being embarrassed about losing in public and get to some tournaments if I’m still living in the LA area, even if it means getting embarrassed about losing in public.

The idea of doing “work” for a video game in order to play it stills feels wrong to my brain, but I really need to do it if I’m going to get anywhere in this game. I ceilinged out at 4th lord in Vanilla, since I couldn’t beat the barrage of cosmic and master lords you get paired with at that point, so I’d really like to change that.

This will also be the first time I actually have a an answer for when people ask me what my new year’s resolutions are, with the added bonus of people not knowing what the fuck I’m talking about.

Not UMVC3 specific, but I want to win both major games at one tournament. I’m sick of winning one or the other if I play really well, and more-often-than-not just taking 3rd or 5th or whatever.

I need to make a team that actually works well and stick with that team. I never settled on a team in Vanilla, and I still haven’t. The plus side is I know how to play every character. Maybe not very well, but I’ve at least got basic knowledge of what they can and can’t do. Never got that far with SFIV series, so I guess it counts for something.
Stop putting a female character on every team just because. Idk why I do it, it’s not like there’s time to stare at them titties during a match anyway.
Learn some better mixups than wavedash back and forth under an incoming character.
Play more against actual people, which is rather difficult but surely there’s somebody who lives nearby, plays this game and speaks English.
Spend more time browsing the character forums. I always think I come up with some amazing shit, then I find out everybody else has far more amazing shit.
Learn how to actually play this game.
Stop playing this game and do something more productive.
Find a fucking dealer (no, not a car dealer you goose)

Scratch all that, I should just stop reading/posting when I should be sleeping.

Play at WNF.

I’m pretty bad in the opposite direction. If it’s not Wesker/Spencer/Strider/Nova/Hawkeye/Morrigan, I can’t even do a character’s special moves, let alone their BNB. I always get raped when we do random all.

  1. Dual mod my arcade stick and fix the microswitch. Still waiting on parts to arrive, should be in Jan.
  2. Get more involved in local scene. I’ve not been very active due to the broken stick. I hate borrowing from others, especially since I’ve already broken mine.
  3. Make my way out to some Majors and rep dat GAMMA GANG!!

Master Firebrand. :slight_smile:
So I can be proud of my username!

  1. Get better with Wesker/Haggar/Phoenix. As a whole team and each character individually
  2. Attempt to go to Evo 2012. I already have started to plan with a buddy of mine
  3. Get a higher Rank. I know that the ranks don’t mean crap but I was stuck at 9th lord in Vanilla because I would always choke.
  4. Learn how to deal with Keep Away. Zoning is run thing but I get super salty when I get lamed out

Those are the ones that I can think of that could actually happen.

I will learn Viper before March next year if it’s the last thing I do.

Go to Final Round and not get totally bodied because I’m nervous.

I’m going to stop being a terrible player. Maybe.

My personal goal is to stick to a team, and learn them on my stick to the point of complete muscle memory. Side goal is just to attend Evo this upcoming year and, with any luck, meet Maximillian, Childish I know, but, he’s the guy that got me really competitively working on MVC3 ._.

Drop storm, she’s ass.

I really want to learn Phoenix, I never played her in vanilla, but she has a nice amount of risk/reward so much so that I’d actually feel like I accomplished something for bodying someone with her. It’s a sort of personal challenge to my self that I want to overcome her weaknesses and earn her powers, it sounds a lot of fun.

get better with spencer and find a god damn controller that dosnt suck

My UMvC goals:

  1. I want to master Felicia. I know the basics and her intermediate combos, but I want to learn her advanced stuff which has been giving me trouble lately.
  2. I want to learn the boulder loop with Rocket Racoon.
  3. I want to better my execution overall. My execution is average, but when I’m under pressure I drop simple combos.

I just want to overall improve my game since as of late I’ve been contempt with being average.

Just keep getting better with using Dormammu/Wesker/Doom. I love that trio to death since I love villains. Originally, it was Wesker/Dormammu/Doom. I got bodied a lot and I was beating people mostly with Dormammu (who is my best character) and Doom. With advice from the SRK forums, I decided to change the order of the team for better team-structure and chemistry in the long run.

Also, to find a team for Akuma. I love my 4 Heralds of Galactus.

• The bolded
• New Hsien-Ko Gold Armor setups?
• Work Hsien-Ko jump cancel combos (remember to airdash!)
• Work on Nemesis resets
• Incorporate Spencer assist more into combos
• Better Tasky in general
• Get better stick (already in progress)
• Play the game more (hard college quarter coming up + VSav stuff = probably not)

  1. rape with doom so i can be better then clockwork/dios x[S]/ viscant[/S]
  2. better my point wesker to the point where i DO NOT have to resort to his XF3 no glasses bs and prove he is far more dangerous when he has assist to back him up then some comeback factor
  3. find a better 3rd characther for my team. someone with a strong xfactor 3 and isn’t hard as hell to learn but is effective enough to get you win as if he was anchor wesker or anchor doom.
  4. body ppl so everyone can be like "LOL JAMAL UR A FRAUD CAUSE U DO _____ ___ ___ " and not "lol jamal ur a fraud."
    5.learn to plink backwards wavedash.

thats all i can think off beside going out to a major.

I know where you’re coming from man. You really have to change your mindset to “Man do I have to grind at this combo to play competitively, is it really WORTH it?” into “Man I love practicing combos. I’m going to go ruin someones day with this shit.”

If fighting games is a serious hobby for you. Noone gets good at their hobby NOT learning/practicing what makes them stand out from someone who
just does it once in a while. After that hurdle there’s another hurdle to over come. The “Man, I practiced and practiced, and I STILL GET BODIED.” hurdle. It’s the hardest pill to swallow and I can write a whole article on this ish lol but won’t gotta get ready for work.

Yeah, got my first real taste of it yesterday, decided to get an early jump on training room and do at least an hour (trying to learn Nova’s H loop and javelin tag out spencer thing, I got neither), and I found out I get more pissed off failing to consistently do a combo in training room than I do when I lose a tough match. It’s like you start out trying to do it, you get encouraged because you get close early, and then you manage to do it once, but then you just can’t get it again right away, you get pretty frustrated, and then you start dropping the ridiculously easy parts, and then you start dropping the first fucking button, and then bam, you realize you just managed to somehow hit the start button in the middle of fucking up the combo because you’re so frustrated. Oh and then of course you take it online and can’t do it at all in the lag, and you can’t even get your opponent opened up because you’re thinking about doing the combo. This is gonna be a painful process.

Also I think it gets harder to do combos the older you are when you start trying to learn combos for the first time. In playing with some younger dudes on my friends list, I’ve noticed that even though I’m better than most of them, they’re often way better at learning tough combos really quickly, even if they picked up fighting games in earnest for the first time on this game just like I did. They can’t implement them for shit and still get bodied, but man those kids can do pretty combos if they ever land a hit. I need young people fingers…