UMvC3 Newbie help.

Hey all, Ive know about this site for a long time and have used most of it to my knowledge.
but now im having trouble.

Im a new player into the Umvc3 series.
i use to play mvc2 on dreamcast when it came out, but that was awhile ago.
ive since then lost all my skill

I have abour 20 hours in offline mode in umvc3
and recently just got live cause it was on sale.

Anyways Point being when i get on i line i feel like i get dominated no matter what.
My main team that i like is
Felicia A, Doramumu B, Dog B.

Ive done most of there Mission up to around 7-8 rest are just to much currently.

When im online fighing i sit n regret felicia cause i cant seem to get in there on people,
If i delta kick H into sombody they punish me for it and she dead.
And then i got Doramumu come outs and im decent with him, But I know his combos well enough.
I try to use flame carpet alot so i can then punish if they land on it.
and then try to teleports if they throw projectiles, to them so i can punish them
but i cant keep the combo going
ill do his L,M,H,S,M,M,H,S, Liberator, Flame Special

But most of the time i get caught right when he comes out ill get mixup and im done.

And dog is my strongest, but his Special is quite week.

I know my Guarding is not up to par either.

So anyways what im asking is anything really i can do to help this out.
Some tips would be greatly appriciated,
is my team comp even good?