UMVC3 newbie help

I’ve been playing umvc3 online recently and getting trashed along with that. Being a sf4 player, i find myself not using some of the tools in the game like advancing guard and super jump etc.

I main a team of zero/vergil/sentinel. thinking of taking sentinel out. I rely much of my offense on zero but i dont have spectacular execution skills, maybe being only able to do his relaunch combo like 10% of the time. I usually get zoned using zero since i dont have good air mobility skills. also i have very poor reaction and and up getting smacked with teleports and simple high low stuff. additionally, im totally clueless to calling assists and approaching without endangering myself.

would appreciate some help :slight_smile:

You might want to consider dropping Vergil too, without good execution you are not going to get the best out of the Zero/Vergil partnership, and both of them will be too demanding for a beginner. Try using Nova/Doom instead, or playing Sentinel on point with something like Doom’s hidden missiles supporting him.

i find dooms execution much harder than zero actually, movement wise. although doom definitely has more damage to execution potential, without good mobility on him, i think i might do less damage instead. i ahve tried doom btw, maybe i should spend more time in the danger room

For a beginner, try using Chris/Nova/Sentinel. They move well, hit hard, and DHC nicely into each other.