UMvC3 noob help

Hi all, first post here. I bought UmvC3 a few months back, and im really starting to get into it. Bought an arcade stick and all. I really wanna get onto the tournament scene, but not anytime soon, I still suck horribly.

Made this thread cos i am really really bad at this game when it comes to playing the ai and other people. Played a few weeks ago and did pretty crappy in a lobby, but that compared nothing to how hard I got beaten today. Seriously, Im a beginner and this other guy was an amateur and I barely laid a scratch on his Trish while she lamed out my team from super jump height. To top it all off, he taunted me. Ouch.

I guess the main theme of this thread is to get some advice from you guys. I use a team of X23/Hulk/Hawkeye, but im not especially skilled at fighting with any. Can anyone give me some tips/constructed criticism for training and my team, or even suggest a new team? Im looking for a unique point character that isnt very played widespread, which is part of the reason I had x23 as my point. Any help will be much appreciated, as I just want to get better at doing something im starting to love :slight_smile:

think i may have posted this in the wrong section, lol

id personally use hulk on point lol since hes a lot easier to use than x-23
with you being new, i’d hesitate the promotion of more wesker but he is better for a newbie than hawkeye.
just use whatever char you like most, and go watch videos and tutorials youtube.
use training mode to learn combos, then play against a computer to learn to execute them in real time. then practice fighting with other players and try and find people whom will give u live tips as you play.


easiest team to use, no joke, you got your projectile that covers everything and your OTG assist to easily kill an opposing character, you only have to learn a few things:

continuing a hulk combo with gamma wave, into gamma crush
wesker combos
block pressure with hulk (it involves sentinel’s assist and using hulk’s normals and finish with hulk’s anti air gamma charge->H follow up)

this team will teach you how to protect your assists and how to properly use your assists for many situations, also, using sentinel’s assist also develops the ability to “make something out of nothing” situations, real simplistic team that teaches you the fundamentals, just watch out for anyone that can get around it easily

thank you both for the help, i initially tried to stay away from wesker but ill have to try him out, i can always move on to the more complicated characters later :smiley:

Dont worry about being called a scrub for using wesker. He is THE OTG assist.
Just because he is derp in lvl 4 and people will hate you is not a reason to pass on a character. He fills a specific role that hulk would greatly benefit from.
Unblockables with hulk can get scary.

haha thank you dude, im actually trying to use a team of iron fist/sentinel/hulk, but i will try wesker. Iron First’s otg is useful for extending sent’s combos, ive seen

Iron Fist is one of the rekka characters which I think is the more complicated ones to use, since he can’t really get in on people. Iron Fist excels on the ground so you definitely need to think of which assist can cover you as you go in. If you are going to use Wesker, I would use the rising fang assist for Iron Fist instead assuming you are using drones for sentinel assist.

yeah i used the drones, but i seem to change my team alot lol, cant find the perfect one. at this point I have Fist/?/Doom, cant seem to find a suitable second or meter builder