UMvC3 - Normal > Special Inconsistency


Hi Everyone,
I’m a noobie to UMvC3 (Got it 2 days ago).
I began by doing some missions to learn some characters, I chose Super Skrull and Hawkeye.

I’ve finished Super Skrulls missions and am on Hawkeye’s 10th.
But I noticed that on both of their mission 10, they have a Normal > Special that just blatantly DOESN’T come out when input.

For Super Skrull:
Flame Kick > Orbital Grudge L

For Hawkeye:
S > Ragtime Shot L (Explosive Arrow)

The said input for the specials just DON’T work! Instead I’ve found doing the said input + diagonal Up makes it come out a 100%.

Why is this?


For Super Skrull:
Flame kick is not special or hyper cancelable so you will have to “link” this. That means it’s not going to be a cancel like you would do otherwise, there is some time after the flame kick and before you input the Orbital Grudge L. Not a lot of time, but time none the less.

For Hawkeye:
I’m not sure, I’ll have to look at this one myself but is this S>Ragtime Shot L in the middle of a combo? That shot explodes sometime later so you might have to hit S, cancel it to your explosive arrow and then continue the combo, having the arrow explode later for damage?

edit 3: Unless you mean Ragtime shot? If so you have to press up forward or up after putting it in because you’re super jump canceling that input. You are doing the S, and then canceling that S into a super jump, THEN canceling that super jump into a Ragtime shot. Still don’t know what you’re talking about for Super Skrull.

edit 2: Are you talking about the right missions/dudes? I don’t see any missions from Super Skrull that even have Flame Kick in them.

edit: Just looked it up and I cannot find the S > Explosive Arrow you talk about but this might help more:


Hey thanks for your attention,
I made a little video describing & Illustrating my issue.


Although I think that Hawkeye video seems to answer the Hawkeye section well enough.


I somehow missed his trial 10 even though you said it a few times. I believe the orbital grudge whiff has to be super jump canceled just like the other one. You’re canceling the flame kick into the grudge (to whiff) into a super jump which then itself gets canceled into the fatal buster.

Flame Kick xx Orbital Grudge (miss) SJC Fatal Buster

When you do the :d::df::f::uf:+:l: what you are doing is putting in the :d::u: for the super jump at the same time that you’re inputting the :d::df::f:, you have to make sure you press the :uf: BEFORE you press :l: but also BEFORE you leave the ground.


By GordonsBeard your Right! (Haha sorry, I had to do that)

Hey Thanks for that, I did understand what I had to do to get it to come out,
But thanks to your clear description I now also know why.

Much appreciated!

Is there any way to know which moves in the game need to be SJC’d?
Or is it basically trial and error as I go through.

Again much Appreciated.


Yeah with 15k BP as Gouken I figured you understood it, I just love using these :r: little :u: arrow :d:

Also there is no way to tell other than trial and error. You can look up their moves with the strategy guide or an online resource, if the move isn’t special-cancelable then you will probably need a SJC to get anything to combo with it. Luckily not a lot of characters depend on quick SJCs in Marvel, there are many other ways to be effective.