Umvc3 Online Tournament PSN!


Calling All Umvc3 Online Warriors! On Thursday, August 7th, 2014 At 8 P.M Est. There will Be An Umvc3 Online Tournament. There Is Not much tournaments/challenges for competitors who are STRICTLY for online players only. I feel there is Such a bigger world/skilled players in the Marvel Universe then the basic people You see at all the local tournaments. If you want your name to be heard/ and your skills to be shown Put your name on the List and your skills to the test against some of the worlds BEST online players, and fight your way to the top. This will be a fun based tournament but will ALSO BE for the competitive style too! People talk about ChrisG, FChamp, Yipes, RayRay, Nemo, Wong, Etc. but what about the online warriors? Its time to let our name be heard and show the universe that there is more then just the locals who play and dominate this game! There are some rules and restrictions however:

Rules: Games will be played 3 out of 5 rounds
Time Limit will be 99
Double Elimination ( Winners and Losers)
Must Be online either SRK/Challonge/PSN and message me Your present 20 MINUETS Before Tournament Starts! If you fail to do so, you will either Be replaced by a waiting member or DISQUALIFIED!

Guys please dont waste your Fellow competitors/my time but having either of these RESTRICTIONS brought into this tournament! If someone you are playing against uses either one of these, just patiently wait for that round to end and leave the lobby and message me either VIA SRK/PSN comfirming the Cheating Player.

You Must RSVP your Entry No Later then August 5th! Just so I have 2 days to make the bracket. The Bracket WILL BE RANDOMIZED! If you are a 9th Lord and are paired up with a High Lord Its at RANDOM! PLEASE BE AWARE OF THIS! Please Do not ask me to Specially Pair You up with Either Friends/People You want to play, I will respectfully Ignore your Request. There Will be a double elimination Bracket. To those who are unaware of this Gameplay its simple: You lose your set to an opponent 3 out of 5 you will be placed in a Loser bracket where the same rules apply. When/If you lose the losers bracket then you are eliminated from the tournament!

Guys This is the chance to either start your legacy to the top of the Online world or Just to get your name out to everyone in the world of UMVC3 and SRK.COM! I will only be Letting the first 48 Players Sign Up! If there is a higher demand of players I WILL make the tournament Larger! You can register Either by Messaging Me VIA PSN(PSN IS Pyro_Disruptiion)/Srk/ Lets Get this Going Guys and Show The world what we are made of Cuz everyone wants to know the famous question...............WHENS MAHVEL!!??

P.S: Certain Games will be recorded And placed on Youtube for everyones Viewing! DO NOT ASK ME TO BE VIDEO TAPED BECAUSE I WILL BE CHOSING AT RANDOM! The better you play the more chance you have of being streamed! So Play your best!! I will let you Know Before your match starts if you will be getting recorded!
  1. Entries From PSN/Challonge/SRK

  2. Pyro_Disruptiion

  3. SlipHole79

  4. IStr8GuttAI

  5. bblue15

  6. TOBE117

  7. Iam2godlike

  8. Jakoman64