UMVC3 or SFxT? Next big game at Evo

I want opinions on which versus game will overshadow the other. Knowing TvC was not that big, will SFxT share the same faith?

What? SFxT isnt even out yet.

Share the same “faith” …what? You mean share the same FATE?

What? Lurk more. Post less.

how can you make this correlation at all?


the reason tvc flopped is because it was wii.

sorry for the incorrect grammar, but SFxT looks like a stiff game…not smooth like MvC. Will people just get tired of it and lose its popularity?

no. /thread

I think the main reason why TvC didn’t take off is because it was a Wii title, which is clearly not the case for SF X Tekken. Most tournament players or serious/semi casual players have a Xbox or PS3.

With that said, I think SF X Tekken will indeed be the next big EVO game.

Edit: Also the SFIV series is a rather “strict” and rigid game but it hasn’t dropped in popularity, considering the possibility (because it looks more like it) that SF X Tekken is more fluid and less strict, I think it would have a similar appeal to that of MvC

R.I.P TvC. Lasted for 2 years

SF x Tekken for sure. It will most likely be the newer game. They aren’t changing around MvC3 too much in terms of the things people were complaining about, so the people who shit on the game before will still shit on it. I think people will automatically like Sf x Tekken because it isn’t SF4 or MvC3, no matter how good the game actually is.

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