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Why the hell do we have a Pony fighter in the works… and not the greatest '80’s franchise ever?!

2015 UMVC3 SRK Tier/Theory Discussion. 7/10 First Page Tumblr: Power of snapback, Future power teams
2015 UMVC3 SRK Tier/Theory Discussion. 7/10 First Page Tumblr: Power of snapback, Future power teams
UMvC3 OTT: Welcome to 2013!

And…here we go again.

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As suggested by Swedish Chef:


The new boss nigga in town.


New theme.

Deal with it



…of the Zerg!

It seems a lot of Seth players online get really angry at losing to Dan, which is highly amusing.


I’m scarred for life


>Buys Wii after buying a new moniter because it was really cheap, finally get a way to practice Brawl at home
>Satisfied with the cheap price of 130 for the console
>Looks around the console sees no gamecube ports, searches google thinking I’m an idiot
>Discovers that the new “Family Edition Wii” is completely gamecube incompatible.


Nintendo, you win this round.

First ever first page post pour moi


That was always my theme for you Jolly :coffee:


And what’s wrong with ponies!? >:|


Needs more Django.



It’s snowing outside so I’ll listen to this.



Springer here asked the same question…

First the Micheal Bay treatment and now this… You would be a bit mad as well :wink:


That outfit that nigga had on during that scene still gets me :rofl:



Far too many things for me to amass into a single post.




first page yay

I was trying to respond to a post in the old thread, and was like lolnewthreadalready?

It has twitch integration built into it’s recording software, but it’s kind of sucky. It lets you add in a microphone and even balance the audio, but the video stream itself looks kind of ugly and stutters and shit.

Xsplit, despite sucking, does have support for the direct video stream from the Elgato and looks really great. The newest test release of Open Broadcaster will also hook into the direct feed; it’s a bit more finicky to get it work, but it will also look really great if you get it working.


I hunger for it