UMvC3 OTT now with more P4A


You already know what it is.

This thread is basically just a thread to talk and converse with other members from the Marvel 3 forums about things loosely or not at all related to the Marvel vs Capcom 3 series.

UMvC3 OTT; Why cant I hold all this salt?
UMvC3 OTT; Why cant I hold all this salt?

Lol damn no more NSFW? Get blown up OTT…

Btw… 2nd?


fuck off



Wow already


More P4A. At least with all 4 normals that won’t take up much space.





u mad


I…I cant quite put my finger on it but something…something important is missing.


There we go.


Party don’t start till The Man himself arrives.




best song in sonic adventure 2 by faaaar

i don’t actually remember ever hearing it in the game (or anywhere else, for that matter) until a couple months ago, when i last played the game


Already 6 seasons. Well, here we go.



(Just wanted an excuse to post this pic again…)


Someone said I have awesome taste in music? Here’s a treat.



Hmm, true. When I look at match vids of SFxT and compare them to SF4, the typical amount of close-ranged combat is about the same for each game, but I think that the inability to truly give someone that wakeup pressure business, combined with the relatively quick healing after a tag + large stages to facilitate the turtling until the partner’s HP is back up is the cause of the dis-proportionally high amount of timeouts.

Adding more time to the round could fix this, but I think that the problem could also be solved by either drastically reducing the amount of recoverable health available after getting hit, or drastically reducing the speed in which it recovers.


Let the games begin!


Nitro has the best taste in everything.


^^^ Cryoh your avatar is too godlike… Im sorry…


Can I use the bathroom here?


Another thread already?