UMvC3 OTT: Transformers used to be a Marvel co-property.. let that sink in for a minute


This is such a ludicrous flip of this song. I shed tears.

F-Zero X was the shit.

Baba, McCloud and Beastman all day.

Yay, even better.

I don’t remember these things, so I guess I’m not a good nerd. I didn’t even remember the Vulpix would burn you like that.

The Blue shell should have been kept like it was in MK64, it goes through the middle of the track. it can wreck everyone’s bitchass. not just the leader.

Usually when I’m in first I’d just hold the button for the Shell or banana. like that it would block any thing coming at me from behind.

You are now reminded that when Baba falls out of bounds in F-Zero X he screams like a girl.

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This is such a ludicrous flip of this song. I shed tears.[/quote]

That’s pretty dope.

Man, I was gonna buy tickets to a Bloc Party concert but I’m only getting on paycheck till Dec 21 :frowning:

this is pretty legit


Typloshion will always be my favorite Pokemon.

Reminds me of that episode when Ash has to race with that Ponyta that burnt him at the start of the episode :smiley:

nah man THIS should be Q’s theme yo.


I woke up with my pants off but my shoes still on

wtf happened

you got happy birthdayed

I’m butthurt that I cant find this music anywhere.


F-Zero GX, if you didn’t use Blood Hawk you didn’t know shit. Dat boost, dat acceleration, all with the added benefit of still not being slow as fuck on the first lap.

No christmas hat thought. Thats a big problem.

I think Mustachio paid you a visit.

Perry Bible Fellowship is on god status comic wise. Nothing comes close.

Start reading now:

first comic I see

I’m happy now

I used Blue Falcon, tuned to a specific point on the right side. kept his accel. maxed speed. adaptable to any track. or a custom ship.

You can start an infinite off basically anything

I think Sonic Racing Transformed is very fun. Other than some glitchy things like being shoved off the track from lag, I find the game very solid. Definitely an improvement from the first game imo. Probably the worst flaw on the original Sonic Racing that made me not like it very much was that it had bad balance. It was almost impossible to win with a character like Eggman, Chuchus, or any of the heavy characters. I think Sonic and Shadow were the best characters. But for Transformed, I already see some good balance. There’s also mods for each character which is basically options that can change the stats of the character. So for Eggman’s case, he was crap since he had shit handling and acceleration. But now, I can use a mod that improves both of those while giving up some other stat like speed, which makes him viable now.

If anyone is interested, I could stream some Sonic Transformed, but probably not today. Would be more interesting if I can get Hybreezy to join me on some lobby.