UMvC3 OTT: Transformers used to be a Marvel co-property.. let that sink in for a minute

I wish I had a Cyndaquil. They are so cute, and they become one of my favourite Pokemon later.


Debuted in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) and appeared as a playable character in the Sonic Rivals games.

The worst one, 06.

He was fucking broken though. Dat unbrockaburu loop.



I want to dance like this in public one day…


You only like Silver because he’s a Trunks knock off.


I love how they just straight out copy DBZ in that game.

She sure is manly…



I rather like that @bloodabeast put Q’s theme into this. It just… fits. :smiley:


Some random.

I remember when Tatsu would do those Sentinel fly combos. He wasn’t even that good, but they looked so cool.

Shadow and Silver are some of the worst things to ever happen to Sonic

  • Rush best games.

Though Colours is apparently really good.

you are aware you would probably be burnt to death right?

Shadow is a fucking badass. His newer incarnations are pretty insufferable tho. He wasn’t always so…emo.

Ash seems to manage just fine. Survives electric shocks, burns, and all sorts of stuff :smiley:

Ok fine. MK64 was my favorite. but at the end of the day. Fuck Kart racing. Kart racing is for bitch niggas.

When it comes to racing games I want one thing. SPEED. Get at me with some fucking speed.

You got boost power


Port Town’s X theme a special place in my heart since there is no track that gets me as hype this one.

Wipeout. I just play it to lose myself in Zone mode



shoutout to OC Remix on a fantastic Extreme G remix




Shoutout to Ballistics for full retard speed. Let’s fucking go