UMvC3 OTT: Transformers used to be a Marvel co-property.. let that sink in for a minute

He was pretty bleh in SA2 too.

If you would. Please elaborte

For the record I like SF4’s focus attack system. I do NOT like how many of them suck. There is at least a risk involved in Focusing. (recoverable health, speed of them etc)

I do not like the Ultra system. especially when many characters cant combo off them or many are just useless.

As much as I am NOT a rabid fan boy of SF3’s Parry. it did one thing right. It was universal for all characters. same speed, etc. Could you imagine different parry speeds per character like Focus?

Getting burnt for hugging a Cyndaquil.

I’ll take it.

meh whats more amazing is that he had a black asian friend with no eyes…
who was like 30 and he and ginger water girl were like 12

Last time I looked at Serena, she had muscles that rivaled Kimbo Slice’s. She cold in that picture though. Damn.

Mainly because you would look at it burned to a crisp and it would sort of look up and go “CYNDAQUIL!” looking all cute and stuff.

If I’m not mistaken this wouldnt happen if the Cyndaquil likes you. At least thats the case with a Vulpix.


This is such a ludicrous flip of this song. I shed tears.

F-Zero X was the shit.

Baba, McCloud and Beastman all day.

Yay, even better.

I don’t remember these things, so I guess I’m not a good nerd. I didn’t even remember the Vulpix would burn you like that.

The Blue shell should have been kept like it was in MK64, it goes through the middle of the track. it can wreck everyone’s bitchass. not just the leader.

Usually when I’m in first I’d just hold the button for the Shell or banana. like that it would block any thing coming at me from behind.

You are now reminded that when Baba falls out of bounds in F-Zero X he screams like a girl.

[quote=“Zeu$, post: 7738401, member: 57176”

This is such a ludicrous flip of this song. I shed tears.[/quote]

That’s pretty dope.

Man, I was gonna buy tickets to a Bloc Party concert but I’m only getting on paycheck till Dec 21 :frowning:

this is pretty legit


Typloshion will always be my favorite Pokemon.

Reminds me of that episode when Ash has to race with that Ponyta that burnt him at the start of the episode :smiley:

nah man THIS should be Q’s theme yo.


I woke up with my pants off but my shoes still on

wtf happened

you got happy birthdayed

I’m butthurt that I cant find this music anywhere.