UMvC3 OTT: Welcome to 2013!

First off: A happy and healthy 2013 everyone!

A new year, a new OTT Thread

Some general rules:

This thread is basically just a thread to talk and converse with other members from the Marvel 3 forums about things loosely or not at all related to the Marvel vs Capcom 3 series.

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  • Do not post the “Boss Nigger Theme” Video anymore, as it’s against the SRK forum rules.
    I am a mod and I have to uphold certain rules, Preppy warned you guys before, I give the final one.
    Anyone who posts this will get an infraction.

A small shameless plug:

23 and 24th of March is Red Fight District 2, Hollands premier Fighting game tournament.
And YES, it has Marvel (where would be without it lol)
If any of you EU guys are around it would be much appreciated if you could make it.
More info:

Check out the archive of the 1st RFD (back in Oct. 2011, yes that means vanilla):
Marvel starts @ 4:44

After all this talk let’s kick off this thread, relax and enjoy the music! XD


I must not do what I must do

We survived 2012! Huzzah!

Oh shit nigga, first page post

Aw ye

Well, that was unexpected.

Also @ sharakonta;

Black knight shield is gatlike when going up against pyromancy users which pretty much anyone can use when you’re invading/invaded. Every can use Great combustion which is fast and hits like a truck

Speaking of pyromancy, your tank build can easily use it. Just invest a shit load of souls into upgrading the pyroglove.



For those looking for games on steam. TRY OUT BLOODLINE CHAMPIONS. 3v3 arena, not a dota game, erry thing aim based, free to play. It’s a good game. Message me for more info.

might as well make this my sig sometime.


Looks @Boss Ngger Theme*

Do not get yourself infracted

Well I’ll have to remember that, and if I could get a Black Knight Shield to drop I’d use it.


A new thread?!

wait it’s 2013 already?

We didn’t even have a heyyeyaaeyaaaeyaeyaa video in the last thread on the first page…

So uh…I said HEY!


ooooh noooooo

Why is Morrigan in the intro

New OTT has started!


Happy New Year!


Did this blue nigga just score himself a first page post?

Hell yea motherfucker. OTT v2013, we in there.

Ack, new thread eh?