UMvC3 OTT: Wesker's quality control saved him from being in subpar RE6 product

Rondo of Blood is so fucking hype my goodness why have I waited so long to play this

why is Konami so ass these days

So can anyone give me a Magneto BnB to practice?

Time for marvel then bed…

I could go for a drink right now :frowning:

Best castlevania game 'yo.

Bloody Tears in that game is <3 Bloodlines sucks though. I love the SOTN version more.




Yeah pretty much everything you need for Magnus is in that topic, helped improve mine a lot

Still ass with him in neutral though

That’s fucking deep man.

Probably cause niggas will eat ALL the food annd leave thier dirty dishes in the sink.
Tust me…ii know >__>

Balls deep?

Btw, I did attempt that combo (you know me and training though…I get distracted by other things) I have a few things to report/ask but Im tired

after some of the house’s ive been in…that shit doesn’t even matter this day and age:rofl:

Measure B is an LA county ordinance, not a state-wide deal. Things our state wanted to do were repeal the death penalty, raise the upper tax bracket to raise money for schools, change the 3 strikes law to only counting for major crimes (no more life in prison for shop lifting), and increase the penalty for human trafficking violations.

That “When’s Marvel?” guy always makes me laugh so much. It’s not even that he’s holding that, or that he’s at an MLG event, but his serious face. He has an expression that says something like “This game is pretty cool, okay, but I paid my 50 bucks to come here and watch my Marvel”.

One of my fondest memories of the past like 2 or 3 years now is of my father’s association coming over and cleaning up when the dinner stuff started getting rolled out. There was an incident with one of my uncles smuggling chicken out in napkins after securing his dinner under the pretense of “bringing something home for the kids”, a whole bottle of Jamaican white rum disappeared with no trace, and my personal favorite, the niggas having the nerve to tell us that “oh, we’re not big on fish” when the tray rolled out with the biggest and best platter of Escovitch Fish (I’m being specific here because if you haven’t had this, you should. Right now.) I’d seen in months. Of course when the party was over and our dinner (which was supposed to be taken from everything there after hours) was to be eaten, we found out that they had taken EVERYTHING down to the last tomato out of that fucking tray.

That shit looked like we just bought it, that’s how clean it was. :rofl:


Also im on my phone thats why my spelling looks real Jamal-ish

lol, that’s my boy St1ckBuG. nigga is gdlk.

Honestly a large part of the EC anime scene’s progress can be attributed to him, directly or otherwise.


This is why I’m glad a certain part of America actually reads the entire ballot.

It’s Stickbug