UMvC3 OTT; Why cant I hold all this salt?

Someone’s feeling green today.

You know what, I just watched Maximum Wesker vol 2 and as dabes Wesker player I’m finding a lot of this shit repetitive and situational now. Plus he’s getting fuck all in terms of damage cause he thinks using Jaguar Dash + Kick all the time as a combo extender is the best way to get damage when it really isn’t.


Yeah seems to work on everyone. Didnt test sentinel and racoon though.

I dun get it…

Edit: This is actually a good read. I need to go through this…

I always love the stream and yt monsters talking about “Why don’t Wesker players do this!! Optimize your Weskers guiz”

Improving composure

Same as we’ve never had Popeyes.

I meant if i could use Doom assist <.<

What kinda life is that?

ggs Kaiten :slight_smile:

Your Dante and Dorm made me work the tridash like a stripper pole.

None of this shit is optimal god damn. All I’ve got from this is that Jaguar Dash + Kick can improve the general BnB most Weskers go for. Otherwise it’s worthless.

Do niggas not know what a combo vid is anymore?

>Optimizing Wesker
>Watching Big Two and sees a SHUMA GORATH on screen

What a scary day.

I dont get it but HM04 is godlike.

When he put these videos up he said the purpose of the videos was to show “new technology” which is using Jaguar Dash + Kick for more damage.

I thought a combo vid was to look cool but I guess not.

And it’s still new tech, it’s not the best tech but it’s new stuff in general. Who knows maybe people will try to find ways to improve what he’s found or go for something new.

You just mad cuz he exposed all Weskers.



Is that supposed to be cool? Even though it’s pretty cool. It’s so lame lol