UMvC3 OTT; Why cant I hold all this salt?

That’s not a shot fired it’s the truth. Don’t like it stop playing durr.

i still don’t get this mentality that bashing and hating on a game but still playing it= i don’t like it. theres several other games to play. besides marvel.

Nothing wrong with not liking a game, but if you hate it for dumb reasons… It’s gonna irritate people who know how to play it.

Like when people call hulk and Wesker cheap in this game. You just kind of roll your eyes. A lot of the SFxT hate is that way.

Keep in mind, that I think the game has some serious issues.

But they don’t have competition.!
Just netplays all day anyway hurrdurr BlaezBlooz (@15:00)

^Rare footage of me getting blown up.

It’s simply a cool thing to do.

I think everyone should read this, since it really looks like nothings changed. Ever.

And a lot of the fgc should learn how to formulate arguments, the shit I’m getting on twitter is abysmally bad.

i just don’t like it. i really have no real reason other then its not something i can see myself playing.

yeeeeeeeeeeeeeah thats my main gripe with the BB community. someone made a post on Dustloop about the netplay shit (i forget who) and it basically how i feel about it.

Played a magneto, wesker, vergil with my nova/frank/dante. Was able to punish all of wesker’s teleports into full combo

I need to get blown up on stream so I can get a pat pat from Kass.

Hey giez

Oh Chou you ask so much of us mortals.

Okay everyone, here’s the essay. GOMU U LIEEEEE

[details=Spoiler]Well, that was fun. Regardless of how bad I did, I did enjoy watching matches and seeing some good games. I was hoping that people such as SmexyMillz and Zak Bennett would be there, but they weren’t. Cheech Wizard was but he wasn’t that cool, not to me anyway.

Yes Gomu, feel free to parade how right you were, the converter was absolute shit. Fuck Xtokki. I was told it was the best one, I was told no dropped or laggy inputs, not just by the website but by reviews and Gomu himself, but nooooooo dropped inputs assist not coming out yaddayaddayadda. Every single time I got a grab with Nemesis, I wanted a QCF super, I got nothing. Loads of supers didn’t come out, loads of grabs didn’t come out, I was holding down-back or back to block and it didn’t work. Nevertheless I was calm and I had to hold my salt in for a while at the realization that I wasn’t going to win at all. Hopefully next time they will provide me with a good converter because one of my friends who went got to borrow one and he said it was decent.

There was a group stage before they got into actual winners and losers brackets, I didn’t get through that group stage, I went 0-3 (Lost 2 games on stream, one off stream). I feel that I could have won if I had a good converter and all the inputs worked perfectly, but meh. I won one round which was the one on stream against a kid using Dark Phoenix which I did not deserve, nothing actually went my way. That small undeserved win was pretty good though because the guy was salty xD deal with it, it’s Marvel. I lost every game apart from that one round and I was fine. There was a guy who got salty and was so close to throwing his stick after losing to a guy who was terribad and spammed footdive (off stream), that was fucking jokes.

I went with two friends, NoLoader and Prometheus. Prometheus also went 0-3, he also had some issues. He plays on stick but it’s a PS3 stick so he had to borrow other people’s, and as a result buttons were screwed up etc. Similar fate to me, hopefully he’s gonna mod his PS3 stick so he can use it on both consoles. All of his games were off stream.

NoLoader on the other hand, borrowed a PS3 pad and converter from the guys at WSO and managed to get Top 16 with Rocket Raccoon/Frank West/Iron Man. He did really well to get there and he was getting a lot of people with mixups with Unibeam. He had 2 games on stream, both he lost, but he did really well off stream and props to him for top 16. He almost won his top 16 game too.

We’re all going again in 2 weeks time and I vow to do a lot better than I did this time. All I need is a good converter and pad which does not drop inputs, and I’ll be good. All of you guys who have played me on PSN know I can do a lot better than I did on stream. If I can just get the stuff I need, I’m hoping for at least top 16 next time. Gomu try and come as well.

I got a tiny shoutout to OTT about an hour after my last game, if you search for a while in the archives you’ll find it. Fuck the commentators though, what cunts. I wanted a long shoutout and I got fuck all. The shoutout is there though, we have been promoted.

Peace niggas.[/details]

It’s not linking the videos.

:rofl: yo it took me a while to remember what you were talking about.

black waitress chick - “:coffee:

Aww, he took them down. :frowning: I know the stream stopped working right after my match, so maybe he just said “forget it” and scrapped all of the vids from that night.

You must have missed my salt post after I went to WSO. I spoke about converter problems as well, ask OWA. Dropped supers, blocks, dashes, and pushblocks.

That shit was hilarious. I think I still have it on my phone.

good shit Ckeegan. just keep at it. take this as a learn Exp.

at least u know what to expect next time. the more you play the better ur nerves.

Oh, ok.

learn stick yah dinguses