UMvC3 OTT: Zeu$ pls T_T

Pretty sure the point is to build meter to DHC into Vergil or you could reset but Fanatiq says those are worthless.

You’re right. Fuck that guy! >.>

I already beat Alma how many times do you fight the bitch?


Hydroman’s one of my favorite Spiderman villains, mainly because I’m partial to water/ice based characters. He’d make a fun movie villain.

Why did they not put Mary Jane in the movie. =_= I cared so little about the new girl I don’t even know what her name was.

Oh right you guys are new school. It was a much funnier thread before the edit.

i just think Momo misses her first love Vanilla Dante. Hes not the same man he use to be. Always staying at work late, being very aggresive when he comes home, and just not as broken in the sheets anymore.

This site only works when random “beef” occurs but when people just wanna talk and chill it takes days to load. The hell is up with that.


Nobody understands how deep my love is.

Yo is Alucard the most broken character in the history of manga/anime. I’mma wait for a rebuttal to state my claim but speak on it niggas?

SRK is powered by HYPE!

Are you planning to turn up anytime soon, Ransom…?

Ok I cracked up. Good job rofl

do YOU even lift!?!

Look on the bright side he could have been nerfed as hard as Magneto

Hellsing? If so he’s actually pretty limited in the grand scheme compared to say actual gods in other anime until the conclusion of the series

Gwen Stacey, Peter’s first love.

…Have you never seen Spectacular Spiderman? (RIP Spectacular Spiderman)

Nah I’m good. I’m above all that childish shit.

Holy shit I forgot >___> adding you right now.

I don’t think it’s in your interest to rewatch. A lot of the dialog is straight our cringe worthy. Like, some Bible Black dub worthy stuff.

Especially the rooftop scene, and the fight in the burning building(?). And most of the special fx were just awful, but maybe that’s just showing it’s age. 3 wasn’t bad, just…incredibly boring. I’d have enjoy it a lot more if they just focused on one villain. But the fight scenes were top notch

And on Mary Jane, Mary Jane was always the second chick. But with the 90s cartoon/2002 film they made it look as if she was the first…

Peter met Gwen first, then Jane.