UMVC3 pad execution

So I’ve been working a team of Tasky, Spencer and Cap (For America :D) for the longest, but I’ve yet to optimize my team being that I’m a pad player and certain things are a bit harder. Take for example, all of my team have tk moves that would work well with combos (I.E: Caps shield slash, Tasky’s arrows, Spencers otg grapple) that extend them. The other question I have is the best way to wavedash backwards on pad seeing as a lot of people use the piano method on stick but I haven’t seen tuts on it for pad. All input is welcome.

I can tell you that you might have to figure out these techniques alone. Pad may be easier in some aspects, but the backwards wavedashing makes playing on stick a breeze and pad a nightmare. You made the choice to stick with your weapon of choice, and I applaud you on that, but it is rare to find pad players who have their execution down to 100%. See: Masta CJ. He is one of the only pad players that has true execution and strategy for using the pad. Once you learn it, you should have it down. If you have a tough time, pick up a cheap SE stick, see if you like it, or better yet, go to a casual session in your city, see if people are willing to let you play on their stick for a game. It might feel weird, but I have gotten over it and use it for every game I play now. Marvel is one of them.

I’ve gotten crushed by pad players at the Detroit Ranbats on Marval, stick with it.

A joystick user here (or used to be). I played third strike and all other older sf games on joystick, BUT I’m actually considering using pad for umvc3 and I really don’t think there is any issue with execution, it’s just a matter of practice. For wavedash I’ve been plinking with heavy and I have L+M mapped to a trigger. I use my thumb to press heavy and then middle finger (or index, still tinkering with it) for trigger…I guess that’s kind of obvious.

As a smash brothers melee player, wavedashing this way in umvc3 feels very similar and I have high hopes for it (as situational a technique as it is, it looks awesome)

I actually just made the jump to a stick but I am still friends with my pad and I can say that its pretty difficult to wave dash backwards using the XBox/ Playstation joystick thingy/ d-pads. With that said attempt doing so using two attack buttons (I remapped R2/ RT for solely that purpose) with practice it became a viable option. But in any fighter its all about what is comfy. If you’d rather use the joystick thingy/ d-pads for your dashing purposes keep practicing them lol. One thing I can say for sure is that dedication and persistence will yield results :smiley: