UMVC3 PC Modding Thread

Since mods are certainly inbound for the PC version of this game, I was thinking there should be a dedicated thread to it. I hope this is okay with the moderators here.

There’s a reddit for it already: . They clearly outline what is and isn’t currently possible.

I’m hoping someone can loop this song and put it in the SHIELD Helicarrier stage.

What about a mod to mute the sound when the window isn’t in focus?

If we don’t have a community mod list yet, we need one.

Even though we follow a similar manners like how to create OST Mod like changing ogg to xsew on Characters’ Voices, is it still crash?

hey guys JUST became a member, I have 5 copies of the game (mvc3 ps3, umvc3 ps3, xbone ver, PC ver, ps4 ver lol) I’m having more fun on PC, I’m a noob but getting there. Would there be a way to have a combo gauge, like limit the amount of times a char. can hit an opponent, or maybe implement a combo breaker system, like that in killer instinct? Ive seen the infinities in umvc3 and their ridiculous, no one should have to sit and be helpless as that happens, let alone in a tournament. Anyway if anyone wants to face me here’s my PC name: angelodmc88 and xbone: No Tier God bye :slight_smile:

I’m excited for the mods, but disappointed we can’t mess with voicepacks or models.

I’mma just kick it off with a request for CPS 2 marvel vs BGM themes.

AKA Spider man’s Marvel vs Street Fighter theme for example.

anyone here know what programs they are using to modify the game?? or a tutorial?
any help will be appreciated.

I would like to humbly request a Chris texture that makes him look like Cody.

And a mod that makes every stage Training Stage, for the heck of it.