Umvc3 phoenix nerf

OK. By now us die hard phoenix players are aware of the nerf ( not permanent ) to jeanie. We need to address this issue now lol. Cuz this affects her whole game and when shes snapped in and so on. Post ur ideas

  1. Use proper grammar.
  2. I love you.
  3. I never relied solely on Dark Phoenix anyways, and they stated they want her to ‘feel’ strong, so they won’t render her useless.
  4. Be happy she’s not as bad as other cast members.
  5. We don’t talk about fight club
  6. ???
  7. Equity increase.

Guess what? Apparently, they nerfed her health too. Way to go overboard, Capcom. Instead of dying in a combo, she’ll die when Deadpool taunts.

I can somewhat see why they nerfed her aerial action to 1, but the health nerf is fucking retarted.

Ono only mentioned her health dropping at the EVO panel, nothing about her attack (loved the clapping regarding the announcement). Hope we don’t see people relying on her as often in the future.

So if Phoenix is reduced to one action per jump–how are we supposed to play her now? Rushdown, ground based game? I thought she was supposed to be a runaway character. Shit deal especially with nerfed health.

Rushdown Phoenix (with no reliance on Dark Phoenix) is such crazy thing to watch; but jeez, the amount of people that have the ability to to that?

man the fuck up. phoenix deserves every last nerf she receives. don’t cry like a bitch now. if you can’t deal with it, pick another character. praise be to base god!!!

the way i see it, the one action per jump should have been 2 but err watev. What happens when she flies as her one action though ? can she still throw the normal 1 fireball teleport? Oh and i agree the health nerf is just … STUPID

No she cannot throw a fireball and then teleport while in the air throwing a fireball causes her to float down with no more air actions available to her.

I played a few games with Phoenix in UMvC3 over the weekend, was able to try some stuff out.

  • Air :l: shot seems to have faster recovery
  • Air :m: shot seems about the same
  • Air :h: shot has tons of extra startup as well as extra recovery
  • Flight mode lasts long enough to do two specials, so you can still do air :h: shot into teleport if you fly first. Tons and tons of startup though before the :h: shot comes out. Used to be 30F, but doing it this way now feels more like 70F (20 for fly and 50 for shot)
  • Health feels like it was nerfed to 350k

She was more built as a jack of all trades. If you are smart enough to do more than the TK shot in flight over and over, Phoenix can actually do some up close damage really easily.

Your getting a character with 2 lives, who gets insane damage, has every tool you could want, Unbelievable corner pressure with those birds, can easily 1v3 people without much issue. And your mad you have to be really good with the character to capitalize on these things?

The health nerf was unnecessary but doesn’t really change how Phoenix plays. She was still easily killed in one combo/hyper before, now they just get to do a less fancy one for same result. In the end it doesn’t effect Dark Phoenix XF3 so the complaints feel baseless.

I wouldn’t mind the health if they adjust the air to 2 moves. Yeah she was pretty ridiculous in the air, but I feel like just one move denies her a lot of creative set ups. Also with the new ‘take a meter’ air tag its gonna be way easier to deny her 5 bars and we’ll probably see a lot more normal Phoenix unless people drop her altogether. I’m pretty sure I won’t. She’s just too fun :smiley:

Our qualm isn’t with her getting some nerfs, it is about getting stupid nerfs. I am all for making her more execution based. I freakin’ welcome it, but they are nerfing things that have nothing to do with the problem.

Maybe u didnt completely read my post. I KNOW THAT. I was asking whether she can perform 2 actions in flight ?

Yes she can but her flight startup and recovery have both been increased she dosnt jump into it as quickly as she did before so its not really safe to use against anyone who knows how to play. her flight mode does however last a bit longer now. Also as was posted above her H shot takes a year and two days to actually come out now.

So far it doesn’t SEEM that bad. It seems like she will be more of a point character that relies on assists to keep them in block stun long enough to throw fireballs. Also, with good lock down assists like Jam Session/Drones/Hidden Missles she can definately push opponents to the corner locking them down with traps as you chip away or get some kind of free tag out to save her for dark phoenix XF3.

The problem with that is 90% of people who ever even considered using her only considered her as an anchor who would abuse plentiful projectile and ridiculous damage to either lame the enemy team out quickly, or exterminate them with one or two ABC combos. So as far as her original role, she’s pretty damaged according to what you are saying here.

Also the sheer lack of health she has makes her bad by default anywhere else because there is no question that if they get then first hit with her on point you’re basically starting the match -1 since they wouldn’t even need to spend a bar. Same problem having her second, if their mix-up upon her entry succeeds, you’ll have wasted a character slot 99.5% of the time.

So with her current set basically the best way to make use of her is still as third. It is just that now, you must have a really good rushdown game. YUour goal would be to destroy at least one character before dying, then using Dark Phoenix the way you normally would, ABC insta rape into corner traps all day. It’s just that now with even less health and a very stunted keepaway game it requires a lot of skill & practice with the character. Meaning it is the way it should have been Day 1. A intense gamble that has every ability to save the day, but isn’t so consistent that it’s broken.

it seems we’re gonna have to go to L TK shot now. especially if the opponent is knocked down

Changes to Phoenix, almost period, are stupid.

Hopefully Capcom factored in the essential fact that most of the crybabies were bitching about X-FACTOR Dark Phoenix and not either Phoenix nor Dark Phoenix. X-Factor is almost ENTIRELY the “issue” with Phoenix (and every other heavily complained about char imo). The only semi-legitimate nerf to Phoenix would be nerfing her in-air actions. Even then, 1 action? Just make it so she can’t attack then. 1 is pointless. 3 is fine, but 2 is the bare minimum.

A health nerf to a character with 425k? … She already died to just about any OTG magic series or any assist-aided combo, and almost certainly anything involving a super. Wtf is that?

More startup and recovery on air fireball? It was already punishable by anyone paying even a little bit of attention. Not to mention, that’s in addition to one air action?

Calling these changes “balancing” is borderline false advertisement. “Balancing” implies you’re not going to destroy something and instead will… BALANCE it. None of what’s been supposedly discovered about her thus far is “balanced” unless you’re nothing but a crutch DP player. How about giving that 1 air action crap to X-Factor Dark Phoenix only? At least that wouldn’t punish all of us who can actually play the character.