UMVC3 Problems?


I’ve been doing really well in fighting games, except for UMVC3, I don’t know why I don’t do well. I do well in other fighting games like SSF4:AE and SFxT, but I don’t do well in here. If it helps I’m a rushdown person, and if absolutely necessary, play defensively. Here’s my team if it helps also X-23, Dante, and Nova.


I think there are way too many pre-threads and resources both on this forum, and in the UMvC3 forum for you to be posting the way you are.


You’re best off posting this in the UMVC3 thread, since this section is usually assigned to general advice for new players.

Also, just because you say you suck, doesn’t mean we can easily help you. Post up match footage. You can get generic advice on your problem, but none of it will really help unless people watch your actual gameplay. Posting your general information, play style, team, blood type, address, date of birth, etc etc. ain’t going to do shit for the people that want to critique you.


Well, I understand, but I don’t have a cap card or a video cam, so I can’t really do that.


It’s very likely you’re able to use your own cell phone, or a friend’s cell phone, to record a match. It’s not going to be high quality, but it doesn’t need to be.

And there’s not enough information being made available for us in order to effectively help you. It’s like me saying that I’m good at basketball and baseball, but I’m terrible at football. I like hitting people, and I’m a tight end, but I don’t know what I can do to improve.

See the problem? I can give you generic advice like: practice your bnb combos, learn to fully control your character, learn how to utilize your assists effectively while keeping them safe, learn your matchups, etc. All of which you probably know, but nothing that will help boost you over your current hurdle.


ok I’ll try that. I’ll post it here.


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