Umvc3 ragequitters thread

not sure if this has been done before, if so please delete this thread. list of ragequitters encountered on playstation network. feel free to add to the list so all of us psn users know who not to play. this has nothing to do with my rank, only for the sole purpose of exposing those who have wronged other players<div>-cmoua64</div><div>-phoenixmegateam</div><div>-melakuma777</div><div>-new0rleans-9_dt</div><div>-damienny1718</div><div><br></div>

Sorry man, but I just feel this brings about nothing be negativity. I’ve closed a few threads like this before. They just aren’t all that useful. If someone rage quits, move on and don’t play them again. Who cares… Marvel online is shit any ways :stuck_out_tongue: