UMvC3 Ranked - Match Making

I personally think that Ranked Match in this game is pretty balanced against putting people at your skill level. I’ve been able to maintain a 47% through 200+ matches and I’m consistently matched up against people who I feel are just at my skill level. In about 20 matches that I had today, I feel that I only played against 2 people who were significantly more skilled than I was, and I played against 2 people who were really really just awful. Of course I’m only at 9th Rank so I’m not going to be getting the cream of the crop, but I thought it would be fun to write down the rank and winning % of everyone that I played today and see how balanced the match making was.

I played 20 matches this morning and decided to analyze the match making. I started the morning at 46% 9th Lord and a 3 game streak.
Opponents who I considered “better” than me were opponents who were A) 9th Rank and Winning % > 46% or B) Anyone 8th Rank and Higher
Opponents who I considered “worse” than me were opponents who were A) Beginner, Rookie, Amateur, Fight B) 9th Lord and Wining % < 46%

So In 20 matches I played:
7 opponents who were “better” than me: I went 3 wins 4 losses (1 rematch, split)
13 opponents who were “worse” than me: I went 9 wins 4 losses (1 rematch, split)
Total: 12-8

Here’s my breakdown:
9th Lord 70% / 3 streak – Lost
8th Lord 46% - Won
9th Lord 57% / 4 streak – Won

  • REMATCH 9th Lord 57% - Lost
    9th Rank 43% - Won
    Fighter 77% - Won
    Fighter 100% / 10 Streak – Lost
    Rookie 41% - Won
    9th Lord 45% / 2 Streak – Lost
    Beginner 0% - Won
    Amateur 28% - Won
    9th Lord 43% - Lost
    Beginner 0% – Won
    7th Lord 73% - Lost
    9th Lord 63% - Lost
  • REMATCH 9th Lord 44% - Won
    8th Lord 51% - Won
    Rookie 31% - Lost
    Amateur 25% - Won
    Amateur 21% - Won

The game had me in more matches where I was the “better” ranked person, but I’m sure that’s mostly because I’m only 9th Ranked and pretty much bottom of the pile. You’re GOING to get some Beginner, Rookie, etc players when you’re that close to the bottom. Overall, I think the game does an GREAT job at getting people who are pretty near your skill level and keeping the online game fun by not getting beat down regularly against people who are much better.

I challenge those of you who spend a lot of time on Ranked to write down your statistics through a play session.

This thread is NOT for poo-pooing on Ranked Matches (OMG people play shitty there, everyone spams j.S, everyone uses Wesker, etc.) I know that online Ranked Matches are not a “true indication of skill” and doesn’t tell you how good someone really is online, etc. Please don’t flood this thread trying to convince everyone that Ranked Matches are bullshit.

This is more of an analysis on the job that Ranked does against pitting you against people at or near your online rank. That’s it will be more fun if you write down your results and we can compare the job that the game does at match making!