UMVC3: Re-jump Combos


Can someone explain to me how to perform re-jump combos in UMVC3? If this isn’t the term normally used, I am referring to combos where you launch, air-combo, land, and catch the character as they are in hitstun and still falling. My problem is that I never seem to land before the opponent. I’ve tried a lot of different things and at this point I’m hoping someone can give me a nudge in figuring it out. Sending me a link would be awesome also. Thanks.


Rejump combos typically aren’t done off of a launcher, they’re typically done off of an air-to-air situation. For example, try setting the opponent to jump, and then doing jump L H S x 3 with Wesker. That’s a rejump.

Launches typically launch them too high for you to get back to the ground while they’re still in hitstun, and on top of that you have less buttons available to you to cause enough hitstun to do so because S will cause flying screen/hard knockdown.


If you’re looking for a reLAUNCH combo, then you typically want to combo into launch, use your S to cause flying screen/hard knockdown, then use some form of OTG. Some characters can do it by themselves, other require help.


Relaunches aren’t an issue, or at least when they are an issue I know what I’m doing wrong. I wouldn’t ask this question if I wasn’t so far off that I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. In wesker’s rejump, the j.S causes a hard knock down when it hits. How do I land before the opponent?

I may have just fucked up some notation when writing down a combo. Please explain any timing nuances there may be anyway. I’d like to know.


the j. S only causes a hard knockdown following a launcher. You don’t/can’t use the rejump combo off of a launcher because of that. It’s more for using to bait and punish an air throw attempt off of a 3H.

Try setting the opponent to jump in training mode. Then try it, with no launcher beforehand.


gotcha. I’m trying to beef up my Morrigan/C. Viper game. Specifically morrigan because covering the screen with soul fists is effective, but it’s balls when thats the only thing you can do.

The combo I’m practicing right now with morrigan is (I think):

st.L, cr. MH, 6H>j.MHS>land>cr.MH,6H>j.MHS…

So you’re saying I should be able to skip the started and just do the “j.mhs…” if I have to opponent jumping?


Hmmm, and you’re having problems with that? It’s a jump cancel, not a launch.


Yep. That’s where I screwed up in the notation. I wrote S for some reason instead of 6H. I still am having problems with it, but mostly because the game’s inputs are easier than SF, but they are like crack-addled-knee-jerk muscle memory. I’ve had the game for 2 months, and I’m not really trying to go pro with it but I like to be able to do advanced stuff. I play BBCSX and you get like 2 frames to remember a command. In this game it seems like you have to have the inputs down pat. Always. It’s a tough transition. Plus I’m on pad. I use the analog stick but it can be a pain.


It takes some time to get your muscle memory down for this game for sure, can’t really mash out inputs during most combos


Furr Realz. I noticed that immediately when running through the missions with Skrull and Chun-Li. You hit one too many kicks/punches then everything is jacked. I actually thought about playing as them for a while just to get used to hitting EVERY button deliberately.


Thanks for the help. In the original notation I copied from it said “normal jump” not “jump cancel,” so I was pausing and waiting to jump. Thinking of it as a jump cancel like from BB or GGXX was actually all I needed.