Umvc3 she-hulk thoughts



She-hulk is viable… but from what hurt her in umvc3, do you guys think she’s even still worth it?

She-hulk “A”, Haggar “A”, Doctor Doom “A” (plasma beam) is my current team. it has some seriously nasty stuff but thats because of haggar. other than that she-hulk becomes predictable with doctor doom assist.

P.S. : This isn’t about “she-hulk team building”. more of everybody’s realistic character opinions.


i think the casual dismissal of she hulk as a character is absurd. she has problems, but she’s not as bad as people say, just like she was never as good as people say.

the fact of the matter is, once she gets in, a good she-hulk team can put you in a shockingly big vortex of shit. difference is you can’t block her stuff, you have to outguess the throw every time. the fact that she has an invincible anti-air super lets you hide her in the second spot behind certain high quality points and guarantee she gets her vortex started with 2 bars. plus she has a low hitting otg and a truly underrated anti-air – so you’re not wasting an assist doing it.

still remains a solid point character obviously if you’re patient and smart of course.


She-hulk is pretty predictable imo. She can easily be lamed out.
There is a good amount of characters that just shut her down
/she has a hard time against. You can totally make her work, but I just
don’t she her being very viable. I still use her though… :sweat:

Also, I just noticed on the tier thread everyone has her on the last
or second last tier.

Just my opinion guys. :woot:


yeah i think its from the lack of good assists ex: tron gustaff fire, and buffed up tatsumaki. Those really did help her get in against the opponent but she really doesnt have any now. I used dooms plasma beam assist because it tears through projectiles and she-hulk can follow up from it, but it doesnt do enough.


its a team game though. yeah shehulk is not getting in by herself, but she gets to handpick two escorts.

look she’s clearly not a great character, or even a “good” character in the big picture because of that issue, but a smart player can be such an absolute terror with her once she lands that first hit that i cant ever bring myself to say she’s not viable.


I still use her and I think that she can still kick ass. Yes, she has difficulties getting in, but once she’s in, she can do pretty much the same stuff and her resets are still great and lead to damaging combos… I use her with Hulk and Morrigan or Hawkeye and Morrigan, depending on what I’m fighting against… I was also using her with Frank West’s Shopping Cart assist yesterday and he takes care of her pretty much the same way Akuma and Tron did on Vanilla (My Frank West sucks, though… and I’m really not interested in picking him up).

And even though she’s better on point, if she’s your only survivor at the end, she’s awesome with L3XF.


Sure she got hit pretty hard with the nerf club, but I love me some Jen nonetheless. Awesome resets, option selects, high damage output, and sraightfoward to boot. She just requires a little more concentration and careful thought to be able to wreck people properly.


you just gotta find that middle ground on the screen, that is really where the pressure starts. she can’t punish people for using unsafe normals from half-screen…but she still has all her wicked set-ups from mvc3, just you have to work harder to get them.


she hulk is still good. put her with tron or mag


tron is a good partner combo wise…but she doesn’t give she-hulk much otherwise. magnus gets more from she-hulk than she-hulk gets from magnus. she-hulks position is either on point or secondary …that where you can take the most advantage of what she gives you.


What I don’t understand is the developers said something like they were changing her to make her a “heavy” type character, which was their justification for why they took away rapid fire cL and nerfed range on cH. But if she’s a “heavy” character how come they didn’t giver her any armor normals ala Hulk, Sent, etc.?


she now has all the negatives of a heavy character, without the most important positives… whats more hilarious is that most of her tools were given to the new cast, while some of the cast can do most of the tricks she can do.


I think what happened with She-Hulk is that people were not playing her in the way the developers intended her to be played, and took away what people were abusing.

Turns out, the abusable stuff was the reason most people were playing her. She really got the raw end of the deal in the nerfs/buffs category.


Frank west has an anti air slide, and a bigger reward for playing him in l.v 1, i could understand no slide but many characters in this game can mash jab in this game and gain huge damage off it. what she needed was clothesline as a regular command move that combo after magic series, can chain crouching L again, and the arc for catapult altered so that she can travel full screen…both her anti air command grab and regular L command grab could have been 4 frame and five frame grabs respectively without breaking the game… for christ sake she is a judge for the living tribunal…


I agree she needs something, right now she’s pretty useless… OK maybe not useless but she has a lot of liabilities.


its not that she is useless or a liability: its just alot of characters got buffs, her bad match-ups got worse, and the characters she used to inspire fear into got new toys to rape her with… everything jennifer can, viper zero haggar nova even fucking iron fist can do better…