UMVC3 skin hack?

Ok, i should start off by clarifying that i am not in any way, shape, or form attempting to mod my xbox or hack ultimate marvel. I just have a question because i saw something that was extremely odd last night while playing some player matches.

I was just in normal player matches on xbox live (NOT heroes and heralds mode) When i got matched up against someone who was running a team of magneto, tron, and wesker. But his magneto had the metallic skin as though we were playing in H&H mode. I know his DLC costume is that general costume looking thing. I just wanna know was something glitched out in my game? Or did this guy mod/hack his game to make it look like magneto was colored different?

you get the herald skin colors by participating weekly in the heroes and heralds mode.

ah ok, thanks. i never play H&H so i’ve just never seen it before. Thanks for the info