UMvC3 Strategy Guide?

Will they be making or remaking the guide that was super in-depth and informative? I mean, after seeing all these changes it seems like the guide is now useless with UMVC3. Seems like so much changed. I would definately buy it if they did. What about you all?

I think the book is not as useful now because of the patches done…and shit found after release.

I know I definatelly think they should remake a new one. I mean its almost like its a new game. This shit happened so fast too. Mvc2 took time to evolve. Mvc3 did it so much faster. Ah, the internet.

I think you should go to the internet for strategies instead. The information will always be up to date.

Well the only real strong point of a new bible is that you’ll get good frame data on day one instead of having to wait for it like SFIV. Other than that I’ll try to live.

Oh you talkin’ bout that NEW New Testament.

If Vanilla is the Old Testament, the New Testament must be Chocolate… a-drippin’ dat chawklet sawce a-drippin’ dat chawklet sawce a-drippin’ dat chawklet sawce.

Too much epic meal time for me.

I really hope they release a new guide. The old one was pretty great, with some really nice info. The internet is always going to have more information, but I enjoy having a physical copy in my lap.

I appreciate a reliable source for frame data and would welcome a new bible.

I hope it’s done by the same folks that did the original.

If the Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 guide has ‘Prima’ written on it, I’m gonna cry. Or rage. Likely both.

I hope that they will.

I’d buy one no question.

With 12 more characters to discuss that thing’s gonna be SO HUGE.

Creating a “bible” for [S]fighting[/S] games that can be updated via patch is stupid. This isn’t the CvS2 days. If one was released, I wouldn’t buy it… Why buy it? In the first month after purchasing it, you’re going to have to get your pen, go to SRK for the patch changes, and cross out all the old data.

If they release a new one I’d like to see a “how to defeat/matchups” thing in each character’s section.

Just seems like the only thing missing from the first.

You do realize that this would make the book expire before an update patch even comes out?
Matchups change every few weeks in the beginning of the game’s life. When Justin tested the game out, he was dominating with Trish/Storm/Chun. That team would get merked in today’s game, and that’s only 5 months. When Justin tested the game out… that’s when the book was being written. So you do the math there…

Another thing about it - If a strategy guide said "To punish Wolverine’s dive kick, focus on Ryu’s S attack because of the hitbox changes, you’ll beat it every time."
Do you think a player wouldn’t want to figure out a work around to this? Bait that shit out and fuck you up?

Not every matchup can ever be a flowchart.

Here’s a bit of general real talk.
My generation of FG players (ST-CvS2) don’t dislike the SF4-generation players because of reasons you might think. We learned the fucking game. You guys want shit handed to you by the older generation, and then you come back and insult our games (wah wah, Marvel 2’s unbalanced wah wah, teach me footsies)

Are you trying to School of Hard Knocks about a video game?

Also: Welcome to the internet - where information is readily available.

Furthermore: I’m from the generation that grew up playing SF2 in an actual arcade, so don’t presume to talk like you’re handing down the fucking 10 commandments to a child. I don’t need everything presented in a flow-chart. I thought a little “X has a hard time against Y for N reasons” section would be helpful for the people playing/playing-against the character - yes, even the people you’d call ‘scrubs’.

Regarding “insulting” the games you like: Grow up. If something sucks, it sucks. MvC2 is wildly unbalanced.

You sound like an old man telling kids to get off your lawn.

Wow. I was thinking the same thing!

Actually, the guide does gives you tips for every characters strengths and weaknesses in the Advance Game Strategy section. That Bible is pretty much perfect in my opinion. If you want to learn matchups, watch videos of matches, read about your character’s strength’s and weaknesses, and experiment. You’re going to lose in matches no matter what, might as well figure out why you lost on your own without having some book tell you.

It’s also wildly fun as hell. I sure hope you play these games because you think they’re fun, and if you’re having fun, “balance” shouldn’t be an issue. If you dislike fighting games for balance reasons, I don’t think the genre is right for you.