UMvC3 Stream & Commentary Thread v2

Nemo plays him and bodies so logically they would. Online friendly, good abare and throws and amazing VA!

Has the first post been updated in a while? I’m down to have a new thread created with a first post that can be used as a handy jump-off point for people.

I think we had to start respecting him when he got 9th at EVO

Nope about a year old at this point. Hell I think the beginning of this thread is last years EVO.

He’s very anime.

new thread dance

Swedish Marvel

Edit: Bubblan should be there.

@Preppy, do it.

very low level of play but I’m in tears at some of these teams/decisions. I’m tuning in

I’m down. This is the thread I visit the most on SRK
Here’s the link

Can you tell me what extra stuff should I add in the OP?
For now I just copied the list of streams from this thread’s OP
Im thinking about a “Now Playing” section.

Adding w/e tourney is currently going on to the top would be cool, same with upcoming tourneys.


Its because he doesn’t talk black.

Besides how much I hate that “talk black” bullshit, that’s not even a reason. I mean, this is SRK. Everybody is black until proven asian.

I always used to have people thinking I was asian because of my correct spelling and good execution when playing. Like dude came up to me after my match during a past Evo and was like “yooo devil, I didn’t know you were a brotha?!!”

@Diek Stiekem We require your services to close this thread and give the v3 thread new life!

We know you’ve found a new word.
We know you’re excited about it.
We know you like to show it to us.
But can you stop it with the bullshit already for the love of god.

People need to move on already

Thank you for an excellent year of games, streams, bullshit, awesomeness, and camaraderie. Please enjoy the brand new V3 Streams & Commentary thread:

Think about it. Read my exact quote.

You don’t think they won’t try to police it next year? Look at the new mandate/rule implemented/supported by the vast majority of tournament organizers. We will support VxG next year if there is one. The event was good and we can’t retroactively punish an event. It’s hindsight now.

So yeah, we are taking a stand. Thanks for noticing.