UMvC3 Stream & Commentary Thread v3


Vergil anchor was completely irrelevant in this match.
Can we stop complaining and counter pick accordingly?


Vergil barely mid tier just like as predicted 1 week into ultimate
touches the ground once in 10 games


Plus he kinds sounds like Charlie from Always Sunny. Maybe he can sell us on milk steaks.


Vineeth’s theme song:


Wow, I was thinking the exact same thing.



That shit had me in stitches. Nigga went for all these flashy set-ups and doom was like hold these boots.


I think a big thing that seperates Apologyman is his exceptional blocking. Him and Fchamp have some of the best defense I’ve seen.


Doom don’t care bout no beam saber, or busters n lightning.


Anime blocking too strong


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SumBrwnKid visiting on Full Schedule’s stream:


I was out with friends when it was streamed, what were the results of Apologyman vs Cloud?


7-5 Apologyman. Great set, check out the archives/watch eventual YT upload.


Dark Vergil couldn’t do nothing. Sad day for the best character. Time to join the has been roster with Dark Wesker.


i’ve never cheered for a sucessful footdive until i saw apologyman do it against cloud’s dante mashing reverb shock xx fireworks.


I’m glad there aren’t more good Dantes dudes an annoying fuck when played right


pretty sloppy set, cloud didn’t know what to do vs incoming unblockables as dante even the ones that weren’t timed well, got hit by firebrand as zero (didn’t zone enough) but it wasn’t that serious of a set so whatever. instead of a “who is the best at their flowchart” it became “who is going to drop their flowchart” a few matches in. i’m glad you guys enjoyed it because i wasn’t too impressed :x


Texans like jrosa but not impressed by apologyman vs cloud


i’m impressed that jrosa wins.

i’m not impressed when both players drop their converts / combos / setups.

apologyman vs cloud could have been impressive, it was sloppy instead. why are you impressed with their names?


I’m impressed whenever I win