UMvC3 Stream & Commentary Thread v3


Everyone’s sleeping, or is there another thread for EVO stream discussion?


I’ve mostly been in threads on other sites.

I guess this is the end, friend.


White guy, wins again.


Jedah tho!!!


Chun is in a team that won EVO, that’s kinda nice.

What is kinda interesting is that Phoenix won both the first and last MvC3 EVOs tournaments.
Wondering if the Soul Stone will really replace her function in Infinite after this.


was really hoping for a “best game ever” scenario since we have 3 phoenixes in top 8. Unfortunately, we do not come full circle


I miss when people pretended Phoenix sucked for like a year. Can’t believe playing with 4 characters in a 3 character game is OP. What a wild ride.


Can people playing on Xbox 360 leave their gamer tags so I can add you? I’m cleaning out my friends and only adding marvel folks.

Bonus points if you’d ever be up for origins or mvc2 games as well. I’ve literally never played origins either game against another living human. If very much love to, even tho I’m ass.


Still riding the ride


You know what was funny, that Curry guy trying to say that people will should still play this game and Yipes looking like "Naaaaaaaaah"
that’s the first time I was really like “That’s that Shillface.”


Yipes never really genuinely liked Marvel 3 as a game any ways. It was obvious he liked the scene more than the game. He shilled for the scene despite not having a real passion for the game itself. It seems he thought the game was generally trash compared to Marvel 2 or just in general.

Never got the sense that he ever liked Marvel 3’s gameplay. Marvel Infinite is definitely an avenue for him to play a Marvel game that doesn’t have a lot of the issues he had with 3.


…and he’s a shill.


It’s 2017. If you’re on stream and like a game, you’re a shill.


There’s shills then there’s the BIG shill.


Please dont forget Storm won in-between


I’m at ECT, happened to pass by UMVC3 pools play Nemo vs Punk. Enjoy !


Manila Cup top 4 on Spooky. Possibly one of the last times we see the game on the main stage.


It’s fitting that in one of the last UMvC3 tournaments before MvC:I hits, a Raccoon comeback in grand finals (by Garret no less) gets duffed by FOOTDIVE!


since this game is not part of the evo championship series…isnt it time to remove it from this category :coffee:


Editing Category layout is a pain in the ass, so after struggling to get the MvC:I additions, and then fixing everything that broke for no reason when I did that, I stopped for the day. I didn’t want to demote UMvC3 while leaving other stuff still “active” since that might read as if the other games were still on track for Evo 2018 and that’s something nobody but Evo staff knows.

I plan on updating the Categories again - today is simply not that day. Soonish. :tup: