UMvC3 Stream & Commentary Thread v3

Yeah seem having a space doesn’t allow you to tag since Vanilla doesn’t allow it by default so if you toggle it on it doesn’t support the space

Texas casuals with some of the best and worst from the state from my own apartment!!! Should be active once school starts.

Hey look new topic maybe this one won’t take an eternity to load like the old one did

Danke is moe

Mo threads mo problems.
It’s like the mo threads we come across, the mo problems we see.

… Yeah that was bad.

Was the last broadcast really seven months ago (looking at the video archives).

I hadn’t noticed that it disappeared, but now I’m missing it so much.

Danke isn’t anything but a straight baka


That new thread smell.

So, what’s there to talk about? I hear Marvel is fun to play.

Are we going to leave our c-word jokes in the last thread and really start fresh?

We’d have to all agree to it. But you know what that is.


Does it matter? The thread will become ass by page 3 max.

Saitsu always angry :frowning:

What’s there to really be happy about?

I’m not angry, I’m just my usual cynical self.

It’s a wonderful dandelion/nettle blend. Very cleansing. Good for new beginnings.

So who do you think the mystery sponser that pulled out is?

Allright, I just finished everything I was doing lol
Updating right now. Just give me some time :lovin:
If I like your post is cause I already got your link. I know tagging sucks, but I’ll try to keep up as best as I can.

For the one great game that doesn’t make you fall asleep.

Thx Preppy.

It’s not Big Two anymore, it’s NLBC.

Next Level Battle Collusion.