UMVC3 Strider alt costume DLC ideas


and nicholas cage alt dlc costume for ghost rider, fuck yeah NICHOLAS CAGE!!!

I want to see a Nic Cage alt costume, Strider already has one though.

I have a better idea: include it on the disc like any normal publisher would do, instead of acting like crappy alternate costumes are God’s gift to man that we all must pay a dollar each for. What makes Capcom’s alternate costumes so special that they think we should pay extra for them?

Yup. Mortal Kombat gives out everything for free, they don’t have any alternate costumes for sale.

Tell me, how many alternate costumes do you get for free with Marvel vs. Capcom 3? Because with MK, you get one for every character in the game.

All the DLC in MK is just extra gravy in addition to the massive amounts of content you get out of the box. I am not against selling EXTRA stuff as downloadable content, but all that Crapcom does is lock stuff that should have come with the game and then make you pay for it later. That is not giving people any additional content or value, it’s just a back door for raising prices.

You also don’t get any alternate colors in MK9, so that’s not really all that impressive. And you know that Skarlett was on the disc, right?


Alternate colors take barely any work on the developer’s part, and they are not a very exciting feature anyway. Alternate costumes are way cooler and they actually require effort on the part of the developer, which is probably why Capcom thinks that they should charge extra for them.

I disagree. I think alt colors are way cooler, and you get 4 in MvC3 instead of the one alt costume you get in Mortal Kombat.

To each his own. IMO alt colors are lazy and I never use them. I’d much rather have alternate costumes.

“Skins” would be a better way to describe MVC3’s alternate colors. They don’t have different 3D rendered outfits like in MK9, just textures on the default ones. Still, it is better than just having a recolored default outfit.

that’s a funny ass Nick Cage pic. :stuck_out_tongue:

Um…still crying over UMvC3 huh

SF2 had 5 versions lol.

This is nothing new with Capcom. Why the crying?