UMvC3: Strong team composition built around Akuma?

Hey gang. I wanted to ask for some of your opinions on good akuma teams or just your akuma team in general. I don’t like using Wesker/Doom some of the more popular characters. Anyone know of some good not so popular chars that have potential with akuma? Maybe X-23 on point?

this character board is bursting with activity.

I personally use Akuma(tatsu) in the anchor slot with Cap(charging star) and Hawkeye(greyhound).

He sets up resets for both characters in the corner, provides cover and “get off me” for Hawkeyes zoning game. He causes a lock down so I can cartwheel with Cap for a cross up or mix up. All this and he’s a heck of an anchor.

He’s pretty versatile. His tatsu assist basically works for any character.