UMvC3 team help Wolvy/Hawkeye/?

Hey there. I’m fairly new to the game. Currently training and building my first team. I love the Wolverine/Hawkeye dynamic as far as rushdown and great zoning. They actually seem to mesh pretty well. I’m just having a hard time filling the third spot.

Could anyone fill me in on any gaps my team may have and who to fill them with? Please explain why, I’m new! Thanks a lot.

You can play the Point/Assist/Anchor model. Both Wesker and Spencer are perfect for the team, Wesker is of course derp as an anchor and can set up unblockables for Wolverine while providing easy OTG. Spencer is a powerful anchor too, can set up powerful welcome setups with Wolverine with slant shot assist and it can also act as an anti air assist for Hawkeye.

Doctor Doom could complement the team as well as the said above Wesker, Spencer. However I think that Wolv/Doom/Hawkeye would have absolutely crushing rushdown, because Doom and/or Hawkeye can continue Wolv’s combos with their horizontal assists (Plasma Beam/Triple Shot), as well as support each other, and fend off well by themselves.