UMVC3 This why I lose

I’m still very new to the vs series, but I have a lot of experience in other games. Execution is not a problem at all. However, defense in this game has me a little confused.

  1. How do you correctly block when someone calls an assist and then teleports behind you? Do you have to block the first attack to reach you, or ALWAYS block the non assist character?

  2. How do you stop characters from spamming air dive attacks into lows? I have a damn hard time stopping characters like X-23, who tends to be much faster than any character on my team. By the time I use Advance Guard to get her off, she’s right back on. In the corner you are TOTALLY locked down. I know about chicken blocking, but I’ll get caught in air throws…and it doesnt really matter anyway because her fast normals always seem to trump mine.

Viewtiful Joe, Doom, Wolverine, Dante, Vergil…the list goes on. It’s all teleports and dive/overhead attacks into incredibly fast lows. Please help me fight back. Thanks.

Dat block is a lie.

Seriously though defence in Umvc3 is a myth, you gotta always stay on move,
also avoid pressing random buttons, seriously there are so many characters with tod.
Also the customary rant: fuck online

If execution is not the problem then you put characters with touch of death combos on your team. All is well after that.

If defense is a myth then how can people defend my attacks so well. I try the same tricks as them and fail. I’m careful with my execution and never just press buttons, but it seems like that’s all my opponents do. They mash there low L attacks, beat out my attacks and then full combo me. I feel like everyone has fucking armor.

That sounds like it could get boring pretty quick. I really dont want to play as the trench coat mafia.

I guess to restate a little…How the hell does everyone elses attacks beat out mine???

The Trenchcoat mafia are not the only cast members with a TOD combo.

I was just being general.

block low, attack low, that’s it, go to training room, set the network setting to 2-3 bars & then practice blocking against dummy.You’ll get used to it.

I dont know why I didnt think of this. Thank you.

Could someone still fill me in on how to block the two sided assist attacks?

You have to block in the position relative to the main character. So if they call a assist and teleport behind you, you need to switch your blocking. Example.

Wesker is on the player 2 side and does cr.A and you block by holding down-back which means your holding back on the player 1 side. Then he calls plasma beam assist and teleports behind you then when you realize that you switch your down-back to essentially down-forward until he appears behind you.

I hope this helps but I realize I suck at explaining things. :sweat:

Always block the point character and never the assist character. If you block a jump in or dive kick immediately block low afterward, don’t try to hit a button because your opponent will generally have frame advantage. If you’re chicken blocking you should be prepared to hit H when you’re in the air to tech the incoming air throw attempt or better yet grab your opponent. Air grabs are a very important tool in this game on both offense and defense, try to be on your toes and abuse them.

#1. Always block towards the point character. As a side note when you push block an attack when an assist is attacking, the push block dosn’t affect the point character.
#2. Don’t cal it spam. It’s not spam if it’s working on you. If your character has an anti-air that can beat the dive attack use that. Try to jump up and grab them. Watch them play other people and memorize their patterns. if you are playing online forget about it. It is a 50/50 guess and the online (I play marvel on PS3) I swear that the game forgets you are blocking and the attacks hit anyway :slight_smile: just play ballz out offense online.