UMVC3 top tier speculation thread: Assists only edition

Now that Tron, Haggar, and Akuma assists have been nerfed, a lot of people are gonna be on the lookout for a new OP assist character to rely on.

In this thread, let’s speculate on what the “top tier” assists are gonna be from what we’ve seen/played thus far.

So far the top contenders seem to be: Rocket Raccoon Log, Strider’s teleport kick, Iron Fist’s flame kick, Frank West’s shopping cart, and Turnabout mode Phoenix Wright. Doom missile and Gold Shien-ko still seem pretty strong as well.

Are there any other returning assists that might be buffed? Or an new character’s assist that has gone under the radar? Discuss.

Strider teleport kick is going to be sooo good for anybody that can OTG by himself. Wesker, Doom, Zero, Felicia are all going to love it.

I’ve heard good things about Frank’s shopping cart.

Shocking Pink. whats good? lol

In all honesty I feel like Arthurs Heavenly Slash might actually be good now. I heard it has some start-up invincibility.

Does Arthur have the same invincibility with his heavenly slice assist as the regular heavenly slice, if so then that could be an OP assist.

MODOK has one of the only assist in UMVC3 that does untechable knockdown.

Well Thats What im “assuming” And I could definitly See this being true

vergils rising sun and devil triggered assists
haggar lariat will still be good, pipe is now an OH according to reports
oh yeah, i haven’t heard much about ryu’s hado kakusei assists, but they apparently give his assists startup speed boosts, but make them harder to react to for a combo (tatsu)
hawkeye vertical arrows will be popular too
nova’s gravimetric pulse will see a good amount of usage
and nemesis’s armored assist

Haggar lariat is still awesome

Haggar’s pipe Assist hits overhead from what I’ve been told via my cousin.

So yeah. Haggar.

Doom still has three competent assists.

Chris’ gunfire getting a startup buff increases it’s use as well.

IF’s flame kick is looking to me like the throw-out-at-random-times/reversal assist for UMvC3. It comes out uber fast. I don’t think it has much invincibility, if any, but it’s so fast that I have doubts anything can really be done on reaction. It may even force the opponent to play less offensively, because they could get a sudden kick to the face during their rushdown into a full combo.

Strider’s TRACKING teleport assist is ridiculous. “There is no escape”

+1 for strider dive assist. that shit is pretty top tier atm. i’m also in love with vergil’s rapid slash.

I’m gonna agree with Iron Fist’s flying kick as well as Strider’s teleport kick.

Why did nobody but the thread creator say Turnabout Walking Forward? Because that’s what I’m saying.

I actually think Trish’s Peekaboo assist was one of the best in Vanilla and will be even stronger relative to the rest of the cast in Ultimate.

I bet Phoenix Wright assist will only be popular for the first month or so. Afterward people will decide it’s too much work to get him in that mode just for a god like assist. Same thing that happened to the small popularity of armored Hsien-ko assist, and getting her gold is even more simple then turnabout mode for Phoenix.

Haggar assist is still good, but without hard knockdown it’s not nearly as scary when teamed with Wesker or Dante. I suspect a good amount of people will still use it though. Apart from that Doom missiles, Ryu tatsu, Frank shopping cart, Iron fist flame kick, and of course Sentinel drones.

Yeah, but Turnabout Phoenix is also a lot scarier on point than gold Hsien-ko, the walk forward assist is much better than armored pendulum, and it isn’t impossible to get Phoenix into Turnabout, I’d say it’s about as hard as getting Dark Phoenix into play in a way.

I think Akuma’s tatsu will still be a great assist because it plows through projectiles. And Dark Harmonizer might see more use thanks to the meter gain nerf

Well sentinel drones are still gonna be amazing imo, and if zoning actually becomes viable I think chris’s landmine, and trish n rocket raccons traps are gonna be really good. I think dr. stranges double beam assist is gonna have some really good applications, especially with teleport characters. And I think despite the nerfs, tatsu is still gonna be one of the best rushdown assists in the game, unless Im mistaken it still locks the opponent down for a while, still plows through projectiles, still has a lot of priority, and with the loss of invincible assists it might even get a little better. It just won’t be stupid where you can get hit, it would interrupt and you could still get a combo off it. Im also hearing strider’s assist is gonna be nice.