UMVC3 top tier speculation thread: Assists only edition

Frank’s shopping cart and what’s this I hear about one of Phoenix Wright’s assists being invincible?

Also, Strider’s Vajra assist is invincible for a good amount of time

Forgive me for being late to the party, but what has been changed to make Ryu’s Tatsu assist so impressive this time around? I’d genuinely like to know, as he’s on my short-list of characters to consider on a team.

P. Gorath says that the mystic ray assist is actually faster in umvc3 and he enters and leaves the screen sooner. If this is true, expect it to be an even better assist than it is now.


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and he will continue to DHC into obscurity

floe said shopping cart is the new tatsu:rofl:

I think ALL of Hawkeye assist will be good.

Strider’s teleport kick assist (Vajra H) easily.

Long start up, but basically turns into an invincible, homing dive kick once active. If it hits you in the air, hard knockdown.

Im now scared of strider teams. I know who im gonna be snapping in a lot. lol

I have to say, Strider’s teleport kick is easily the cheapest assist i’ve seen in a while.
It’s not invincible but it tracks, hard knockdowns and BARELY affects damage scaling. If you’re an aerial character you’re pretty fucked. I witnessed and initiated ToDs off of that assist with Wesker and Dante,

Strange’s assists are also all really good and really frustrating to deal with.

Drones are still amazing, didn’t notice any of the “true blockstring BS”, was mixing people up between first and 2nd and 3rd hits.

IFs flying dragon kick is aight, comes out pretty fast but not invincible. If you’re mashing A2 while blocking like it’s haggar, you’ll get exposed.

Wesker Gun is the same, easy unblockables all day.

Jam Session still godlike but now has competition for anti airing from Vajra. Weasel shot still really good.

Peekaboo is still really good and attached to a character who got slightly buffed while she was already really good, definitely one of the good assists.

Akuma is still alright for getting in.

Tron is useless

Haggar still invincible

Doom missiles are still frustrating as shit.

Gonna test out arthur heavenly slash today, might be one of those secret buffs.

Trap has low durability, Trish comes out kinda slow. Only good for specialized zoning teams.

I think Iron Fist is really gonna love jam session, vajra H or log trap assists. Bring those lame out characters to the ground.




So nobody/MODOK has untechable knockdown now!?

What happened?
checks the MODOK forums

Wait, so they removed the spinning knockdown from balloon bomb?

Nah bro, peekabo is was one of the best assists in vanilla and its prolly gonna still be that way in ultimate. The fact that it stays out for so long, is pretty much invisible, and allows for some of the easiest hit confirms in the game makes it really good. It also allows for some deadly incoming character mix-ups, nasty tick throws and disgusting resets if your character has the tools available. I honestly wish I didn’t hate trish so much as a character cause I really want that assist on my team.

But I like what Im hearing bout vagra, might stick him at the end of my storm/sentinel team depending on how good of an anchor he is.

They spin then they tech out before hitting the ground.

This. If your using Wright, your dedicated to his character. Wright isn’t a pick up and play character. Plus, using Press the Witness JUST for Turnabout Mode, IMO, isn’t a good use for Wright. His best Assist IMO is Get’em Missile.

It’s also the only assist I know of that removes hit boxes. It can take the hit box away from moves like dive kicks or swords for one hit if they make contact. Allowing you to just attack through moves like Dante’s air normals/hammer.

I didn’t even know it did that, honestly I might have to just suck it up and learn trish.