UMVC3 Tournament $1500 grand prize!


My company will be hosting a umvc3 tournament in berkeley ca, and the winner gets $1500 no BS you guys need to call this number 1-888-539-2929 and get your tickets now! Your ticket even comes with an all you can eat buffet! CALL NOW!!! Im running low!

Freedemonia in East bay!

think this needs more information. name of the city and a telephone number isn’t enough information to make people think that this is a legit tournament.


That flyer looks so fucking sketchy…


Thank you for your input. This tournament will be held at Pepe’s which is on [LEFT]2516 B Durant Ave in [/LEFT][LEFT]Berkeley[/LEFT][LEFT], [/LEFT][LEFT]CA[/LEFT][LEFT] [/LEFT][LEFT]94704. Please don’t hesitate to call for more information. There will also be a all you can eat buffet along with pool tables.[/LEFT]


This flyer was thrown together due to the rush of marketing. I understand if those of you view this believe it’s fake I would too. The simple solution is to call the number you don’t have to give us any information. We will answer your questions. Also if you would like to talk to me personality my extension is # 802 Thank you


PS3 or XBox?
Single or Double Elimination?
Entry/venue fee?
Start time?
Prize Pot?

Also, who the hell is your company? Not everyone is gonna call that number.


I’ve called a multiple times and no answer. There isnt even any mention of the company’s name or individual’s voicemail.

I also looked up the telephone number on google. The company is called Biometrics Int, based in Coos Bay, Oregon. I checked the website and thank god i had AVG on, because it blocked a virus. Google even says that this site may harm your computer.

If you guys are planning on going, you should wait until more information is provided or some of us actually get in contact with this guy.


we are a new company thats why you cant google us yet. As it says on the flyer the grand prize is $1500. It will also be on PS3. I don’t want to give out all the details in text. I like speaking people so they have a better understanding of what I am saying.


I’m sorry about that we just got this number and some of us(including me) are still trying to figure things out. The reason why you didn’t get a company voicemail is because my extension is routed to my cell. We will be putting up an official voice mail soon. I’m sorry I missed your calls if i don’t answer call again. Btw I’m a gamer just like you guys google my username: VyeGotEm This is a real tournament I’m promoting and you don’t see prizes like ours. I added a pic of the flyer and one of the tickets this is a real event. Please call back and share this with more people thanks.


Nin-jay tried to speak with you but like he said, there’s no answer on that number which is the only contact you gave us. If you want people to show up you have to type out all the info we need to know for the tournament. Also, is this a winner take all tournament or do 2nd and 3rd get something too?


I believe 2nd will receive something and I’m not sure about 3rd.


I was able to get a hold of him and here is the info he gave me:

$40 entry. Pays for tourney and buffet. I think he said about 60 spots are available still.

Matches are 2/3 double elim.

The $1500 is guaranteed.

It sucks that I’m running CFD the same day. If you can afford it and if some reputable players are going, it could be worth it.


would be nice if he put all that info in the forums instead of having to call.


I’m glad you got a hold of someone(it wasn’t me) everything you said is correct except it is not double elimination anymore. We weren’t expecting as many players as we have now. The owner of the place does not want to extend our original time we negoteated when he signed the contract. So we were forced to make it single elimination =(.


Sorry. I would rather have someone curious and call then have someone lose interest because I can.t verbally persuade them. Since we’re so deep in the thread now I will list the majority of the details.

1st Place get $1500.00! who else does that in the bayarea
2nd Place receives an unknown item
3rd Im not sure
Tickets are $40 cash or $43 through paypal
Tickets come with an all you can eat buffet so if you lose don’t be mad go eat =0
The location has 3 pool tables you can play on until or after you turn
The final match will be played on a giant HD projector

Seriously guys this a great opportunity if you don’t already have plans for this date. I urge you to call this number and keep calling until you get someone. My extension is 802 if I don’t answer call again. we will be promoting our next tournament at this one which will be between sf4/sfxt.


O man not one of these again. Not to discourage the tournament organizers, nor the players who want to attend, but there definitely needs to be some more information given right off the bat from the source rather than needing the community to reach out individually to receive details. Although putting big amounts of $$$ in the thread title is sure to attract attention, there are many who are out there that create ““tournaments”” with the intention of profiting from the competitors. Once again, I am not accusing this particular organization of having such said motif, but it is very understandable for the players to see the money, click on the thread, read no specific details, and question the format.

Here is an example thread I dug up in which was brought to a similar situation, which ended up becoming really ugly, and eventually locked by mods:

As I find it understandable for an organization to make a tournament for the community, in which has had no previous experience beforehand, make mistakes and have their share of tumbles, but I would strongly recommend for future purposes that some research be done as to how to operate such said tournaments and learn their standards in order to be considered “legit”.

What games are being played? What console?
2/3 or 3/5 games? Top 3 payout? 70/20/10?
Pre-registration required? Players being seeded by region/skill/not at all?

I cannot emphasize enough that I am NOT trying to “dogg on this tournament”. As a previous tournament organizer myself, I know how things may be if people want to question your involvement in fighting game tournaments. So if this event is “truly legit” then I simply suggest you “clean it up”, and if so I wish you the best of luck…


sorta relevant statement: durant is a terrifying street ;-;


Thank you your input is very helpfull ill list some details again.
Best 2/3 single elimination
1st $1500
2nd $100
3rd $75

there will also be raffles. If you have anymore question please reply or contact us via the number thank you. Lol we will try our hardest to not make this ugly :slight_smile:




No respectable tournament player is going to pay $40 to get randomed out due to single elimination. I wish you the best of luck.