UMvC3 Tournament and Stream Commentary Thread


Change your handle to Zipe$


that rick roll is top tier


*Did the marvel players get their own entrance music? *


My new team is Zero/Morrigan/Vergil


I thought Daigo came out with the Undertaker theme. That would’ve made me so hype I’d run out the damn house.


I think
The word everybody is looking for is:


Setup (that can = TOD) = Shenanigans


IE: Infamous Super Turbo T.Hawk Tick 360/720 (Sako) loop.

  • Gimmick? You can scout and hard counter that, probably in several ways, by most anybody. It doesn’t hold its weight if you run your character as a 1 trick pony? Players will make sure something figured as a weak strategy won’t blow them up. [*] “I can deal with it”

  • Shenanigans? Oh, I’m gonna make you deal with it.
    – Tons of TOD in U.Marvel 3, tons of setups people are not happy being hit with. Can’t say 1 thing isn’t as legit as your character’s toolset, you’re all trying to one up eachother.

[*] - You’re fradulent, you fish with your 1 setup. IE: by the end of CEO SkullGirls Grand Finals, MastaCJ was named: “Crossup Jump Fierce and assist call” by the commentary team. Chris G, also quit out, figuring Level 3’s would’ve killed him, twice. Check it out in archives.

xes - add these other lexicon vocab then take this one back into Fighting Game General:

Stream Monster credo: Its very easy to try to be witty and downplay someone’s playstyle, breaking it down into, even 1 move. ‘That’s why he won, he sucks if he didn’t have his 1 move - I could do that’ But it’s both hard and never said by that person, how that player should play their character, according to a “backseat driver” - “Monday Morning Quarterback” damn near right after the matches happen, or as they’re still going on.

Sorry for the longass post in your quick hits thread, and please nobody continue this one ad nauseum after me. & Definitely don’t quote my whole thing and one line respond.

Scrubquotes is back!

Daigo with his hair blown out. Thought it was an afro for a second.


Yes but only top 8

And every competitive scene needs a villain: A team, a tactic, a person to beat.


Daigo classic, in his ST days, had afros and beanies.


Chou is the best Vergil followed by Momochi


Just tested this, and you’re wrong. Even used the same scenario you described, and Task is not effected by the assist being AG’d at all.


DAT Daigo smile got me laughing.


Wong Factor = Mental Toughness.


wong finally gets a win agaainst the beast


Justin vs. Daigo was so exciting even the players were amazed.


“WHAT ARE YOU SMILING FOR?!” -Justin to Daigo.


I wonder if those top players still think Spencer is #1/2 character in the game now after seeing the power of Zero and Vergil.


I wouldn’t be surprised if they forgot Spencer was on Justin’s team.


Just went and re-tested after your post. I guess I was wrong about the point character himself being affected as in being in a pushblocked state.

I guess a better explanation would be rapidly pushblocking, Frank’s assist hinders you from rushing in easily.

I tested it with and without ag on.

  1. With AG on i had to wavedash moderately fast just to keep pace with Frank and to stay in range

  2. With AG off it was much much easier to keep in range while wavedashing

Test perform your test with ag on and then again immediately with ag off. I promise you’ll notice the difference


You’re simply being thrown off by the extra hit stop the AG causes.