UMVC3 Tournament, Stockton CA Mar 10th @ Gamers Etc 12:00 noon

sup guys its at the same venue as the NDT

casuals start @ 12:00 noon depending on entrants tourney will prob start an hr or 2 after
also a possibility that if theres not enough entrants whole thing gets canceled so plz come out

dbl elimination best 2/3 rounds, winners losers and grand finals 3/5
we may need some extra setups so that would be nice

Venue Fee - $3
umvc3- $5
melee/brawl- $5 singles $10 dubz

in event of lack of entrants prize distribution will be 70/30

We need as much as we can get
-$1 Off Venue fee per piece of set up.
I am bringing 1 360 setup so plz just bring a setup if you can, preferably 360 but ps3 is fine
although tourney may be ran only on 360 ill let you guys know by next week

Gamers etc
6521 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, California, United States

if enough heads wanna play ae 2012 we can also run that we just need more setups and entrants so come out! mybad for late notice lets just try and get a good turnout guys, also i am not running the tournament just helping out with umvc3 and possibly ae

If there is going to be an AE2012 tournament I’ll be there. I’m hoping the decision to run AE is made before the day of the tourney.

if enough ppl show up for ae we can run the tournament my advice is if ur close just stop by and see if there is enough players, also date has changed to feb 11th

still going down this saturday

slim chance at ssf4 ae tourney but there might be a set up for it

they have to finish there smash melee tourney first so there prob wont be time for ssf4

aye someone plz bring an xtra crt tv if they can plz cause my friends gonna use most of the venues tvs till there tourney is done my crt just busted like the slots for the red yellow and white cords go out while playing so its not worth taking to the tourney

results for last tourney was
1st- power lvl 9000 cap/vergil/task
2nd- dark mike- wolvie/doom/akuma
3rd- ??? vergil/wesker/strider

next tournament will be march 10th plz come out