UMvc3 Trish



Making this so we can have a place to Discuss some Umvc3 Trish changes if any.

If you see anything noticeably different about Trish, Please post here!


Alright well there is a good chance ill be attending comic con on Friday and Sunday, so I will make it my goal to find everything that is different from her vanilla self


Trish was pretty underplayed and most felt she was average or just above average, so I doubt she’ll see any significant nerfs. But the same cannot be said for her toughest match-ups :wink:

The way I saw it, Trish was right under top tier and her tough match-ups were Magneto and Phoenix (and they’ve both been nerfed a bit). But if all the top characters have been nerfed and she hasn’t, she’s doing really really well.


I’ll be happy as long as they don’t limit her air actions like they did for Phoenix


I’m guessing since Trish was so underused that they’ll just probably give her a slight damage buff or something I wouldn’t even be able to guess. Hopefully peekaboo can hold the opponent’s even after an x amount of hits in a combo.


I’ve heard rumor that her Heavy Low Voltages start-up faster now, namely her assist. Needs confirmation still though.


I hope they buff her so that her up-trap can no longer be negated by H’s and S’s…


from the bits I DID see on stream, she looked untouched (for now at least). I do think M and H low voltage got a small speed increase. (I’m sure M low voltage did. not so sure on H since the few people playing her never used it.)

Peekaboo and Hopscotch still have ass durability points.


She seems like the character that might slip untouched. But how would you guys change her?

I wish they tweaked her flight mode.

Trish play starts around 1:10:00. yah yaahh b*tch noted in the general change thread that her low voltages appear faster and that her recovery on air/ground hopscotches and peek-a-boos appears to be much quicker. I’m not too sure on any of it yet, but the quality is kind of meh so he could be right. Someone also said low voltage is about the same speed as Magneto’s current disruptor=awesome.

I’m curious who that was playing Trish. They were actually pretty good and no one plays her so I’ll take Trish footage wherever I can get it.


That was Shady K, west coast player who doesn’t do WNF’s but plays a lot in training mode and with other good west coast players. You’ll see him at Evo.

He has a gross Magneto -> Trish -> Taskmaster unblockable setup for killing Phoenix.


For all the Trish players going at EVO.
Please test some Round Harvest stuff out.
More specifically see if you can Round Harvest, Hard Tag, and test if the character you switched in is still unaffected by pushblocks.


BEAT ME TO IT! was just about to say this =]

This is very important people, Please gather as much info as possible =\


I’m pretty sure that would still work. I don’t see why it wouldn’t. Otherwise it would make half of Round Harvest’s point really useless.


From eventhubs: Trish’s mid air Maxmimum Voltage can followed up after wards for another attack on a grounded opponent.
I don’t get this. Trish’s Air Max Voltage hits off the ground, or she now has some type of OTG capability she can use after AMV maybe?


yea I still don’t get it. Mayve Air Max voltage super is a OTG now.


Maybe it’s like Akuma’s fireball super where you can follow up with another fireball when you land.


If it was like that, Max voltage would have to not push back so much anymore outside the corner. But seeing it never really happened on stream, I don’t know.


I think it means if you use it in midair they will become grounded when they hit the ground instead of being knocked down able to tech immediately?


I don’t either but here’s my guess. I think it hits OTG now (think Taskmaster’s air downward arrow supers). And at the end, it leaves them in that floating unteched fall similar to when you do a Max Voltage on the ground against someone who’s juggled. They kinda hang in the air unteched for a second where you can DHC to someone else easily, or even do a snapback if you’re in the corner.

This would be very very similar to Ryu’s downward beam super in the air. It hits OTG and then kinda bounces them up at the end for someone else to continue with a DHC.