UMVC3 Ultra Noob here

Finally got my copy of UMVC3, and Ive got to be honest with you: I am brand new to this game, but have been watching the like of IFC Yipes, Clockw0rk and Fanatiq play on Youtube for a month or two, so I have a semi-good idea of what to expect.

Couple of things I want to get jotted down: Firstly, what does this symbol mean? :2p:

And secondly, does anyone play MVC with a regular Xbox controller? If yes, do you play with analog or Dpad?

The two punch symbol means any two of these buttons ( :l:, :m:, :h:) pressed simultaneously.

Analog stick is best on 360 imo, but it’s up to you. You can make anything work for you, with sufficient practice.

Many thanks! I kept wondering if :2p: was a seperate button or not. But many thanks for clarifications.