UMvC3: Unblockables

Just wondering what you guys do for unblockables with Dorm? Assists or not I don’t care.

my unblockable setup for incoming characters in the corner, i just call jam session(amaterasu cold star also works) put a flame carpet and do a j.S as he touches the ground.

It’s pretty difficult to set up 100% unblockables because Flame Carpets hitbox is like a little arc rising above the ground a little bit, and if most characters land right on it then they don’t actually touch the ground while it’s touching them, and so it never counts as a low hit. It’s possible that some characters cannot be hit low bit it at all due to their hurtboxes being so low down, perhaps the smaller characters with lower jumping hurtboxes. I imagine hurtboxes like Nemesis’ will always work though, because he has no hurtbox on his lower legs during his jumps, meaning while he’s in the air the Carpet won’t touch him, but the second he lands he’ll be getting hit low. But hurtboxes contort all the time for different reasons so perhaps that will change things.

I’ve not done all that much testing around with it, but from the testing I’ve done and in my experience I’ve found it a lot more efficient to simply get them to land on it, becuase for a moment they will be put in a situation where they can’t move but you have the opportunity to mixup your tri-dashes, teleports and fake high/lows and throws on them, and perhaps at that point you’ll get an unblockable if the hitboxes and hurtboxes allow it, but otherwise you’re making it as difficult to block as you can by making them guess. (This is in the corner btw).

There’s likely someone else a little more informed on the topic around, but that’s the line of thought I’ve developed on it.

Not unblockable (I don’t think) but I have just been doing this. (Corner)

Set Flame Carpet > j.M, (Call cold star at same time). M teleport > j.H

Worked every single time so far. Could mix it up with L teleport too I guess.

Well, try stuff like jump M/H + Ammy then cancel into either M or H teleport, not L. In the corner, M teleport goes directly above and behind, H teleport goes directly above but infront, makes it much harder to see what’s happening.

Then there’s setups with Dark Hole in flight mode or TK Dark Holes to force them to take a mixup, but you just gotta experiment with it. With Ammy there’s lots you can do.

Never used unblockables too much that were easier then just crossing up with Fish hooks