Umvc3:Uncanny edition?


Take a look at this and tell me what you think!/uncanny_edition (credited to the guys at gamefaqs for finding this). Looks fake but Im hoping it’s real


It’s real.


yea def real


The realest.


I can’t handle how real it is.


i wish i could see it, but i have no phone twitter account


When this type of stuff pops up, I usually hope it’s true - but this isn’t just a bad fake. It’s a bad fake full of bad ideas.


Atleast this came out now and we only have to wait 2 days to lock this thread. Seems doubtful capcom would use servbot as a slot when there are tons of better choices. Although, if it is rushed maybe they couldn’t get permission? I can’t wait until evo either way



Wow, this is the least convincing thing I’ve ever seen. I’ve been tricked into suicide cults easier than this.

“Not much funding” so they made 4 new characters and rebalanced the whole cast? “Nerfs for the top tiers and buff for low tiers” is JUST vague enough to not mean a damn thing. Fuck outta here


I’m having a hard time trying to picture this in my head without falling over laughing.


Cue idiots saying “there are rumours of an update” for the next five years.


Would’ve completely ignored it until I read some of the changes.

Stupid enough to be legit because it’s Capcom. Fake lists are usually too good to be true, this is too bad to be false.


I was buying it 1000% (Yes, one THOUSAND), until I read this!

“character balancing, some nerfing for the really good guys and buffs for the poor chars”

Nice try there, but no cigar!


Oh god, I wish this were real.
It’s hilarious.


That is so stupid it has to be real


Shuma getting a Teleport…

Thor getting a Chargeable Hammer Throw…

Cyclops… Also having a Alternative 90’s Costume…

Dont play with my fucking emotions.


Is this boloney? I love boloney.


I hope it’s real & features:

  • SFxT parts
    ** Gameplay
    *** Boost Gems
    *** Pandora Mode (automatically activate X-Factor, infinite gauge, green health regenerate into 100%): C(2x)+2 Assists
    *** Scramble Mode (Level 3): QCB+2 Assists. Also available in Tag mode option before matches begin
    *** Cross Combo (Level 5): QCF+2 Assists
    *** Tag Launcher
    ** SFXT Style FX
  • Solo Mode (1v1)
  • Round Matches (when 3 teams lose first round)
  • New Japanese voice for Marvel side
    ** Start with Original voice set similar to Street Fighter X Tekken’s Cross Style
  • Guests
    ** Characters
    *** Jin Kazama (post-T5 P1, revamped SFxT movesets and command inputs) - w/ Devil Jin transformation
    **** Alt. : Blood Vengeance
    *** Iori Yagami (post-XI appearance, mixed XI/XIII/NGBC/MIA/SvC/CvS2 movesets)
    **** Alt. : pre-XII/Classic appearance
    *** Ken Washio the Eagle (revamped TvC command inputs)
    **** Alt. : Normal Ken Washio
    ** Stages
    *** Mishima Estate
    *** 95’s Factory - Blast Furnace BGM
    *** Galactor Base - Jurrassic Research Facility BGM
    *** Urban War Zone
    *** Antartica
    *** Stark’s Cosmic Elevator
    *** Okami Stage
    *** Fate of the Earth (playable appearance)
    *** Pandora’s Box (FotE version)

Known to us there will be 12 of 4 characters from each side. Dn’t know who’s in.


I’m playing it right now… Sigma is in and he is sooo broken!
I’ll be doing an exhibition of him @ Evo when the game gets revealed.

Until that time this game certainly doesn’t exist outside my fantasies.
/closed thread