UMvC3 update changes for Amaterasu



If UMvC3 got updated, what changes would each and everyone of you recommend for Amaterasu?


I’m fine with Ammy the way she is. Out of the changes I wrote below, I really only want Sword 1, since I don’t really recall it being used. The rest is just wishful thinking and a bonus if it happened.

Sword stance:

  1. Give charged forward Heavy a reason to be used. I personally don’t know what it could be used for outside of mixing up the timing of your attack.
  2. Make the charged version of thunder edge travel further, possibly making the medium and heavy version decent as anti-air attacks.

Bead stance:

  1. Have sH/cH special/super cancelable.
  2. L and M iceshots are relatively good, but I see no reason for the H version. maybe make it so she stays airborne after a certain amount of shots and can airdash after, or anything that gives it some more usage. i say a certain number, because i feel doing all 8 shots and being able to get away, would just be a get out of jail opportunity, considering the disadvantage you put yourself in doing all 8. basically, you wouldn’t mash on the button getting your shots out, if you needed 4 to remain airborne and do air special followups.

Get rid of counter assist or tweak it.


Those are all reasonable buffs.

Here’s mine.

Glaive stance:

  1. Increase range. There’s no reason why she can’t hit with the tip of her j. H with the sword :confused:
  2. new move “upper slash” qcf+s. I feel that Amaterasu has situational AA’s with this move she causes her blade to flip up above her.

Rosary stance:

  1. Make st. h & cr. h special and super cancelable. Helps her long range neutral.
  2. new move “Cold star” qcf+s similar to Okami’s 2nd and 4th tier Rosary weapons this verison of Cold Star shoots them in a shotgun like fashion. This will help her screen control. I feel since Cold Star doesn’t have high durability or damage at least give it more space control.
  3. Make Cold star H special cancelable. it’s useless now.

Adjust air dashes so she can move in all 8 directions.

make Okami Shuffle do more damage/fireburst otg’s/or lower damage scaling on it to fix her damage problem.

Divine Instruments otg’s. The animation looks like it does… but it can’t otg for some strange reason :confused:

Replace counter assist with Glaive’s f+hhhh chain. That assist would count as a close range lockdown or combo extention.

These buffs are maybe too much, but we can hope Capcom does their best and doesn’t nerf characters because of fan hate.


I would just ask for small hit stun deterioration timings to make it possible to get decent combos off of rosary confirms off of the heavy’s with with assists. It would just take the slightest increase because my current combo now works in the corner but not midscreen because of the extra time to travel forward to reach the character. It still wouldn’t do that great damage(~250-300 meterless iirc) so it’s a pretty reasonable buff that would make her 3rd stance more practical.

That said I don’t think that if a patch were to take place buffs like this would probably not be seen because they don’t build excitement. Just my 2 cents.


That seems fair. You just want the Rosary to be more usable. I think Cold Star H should be special cancelable. St. and cr. H should be at least special cancelable.

I’m still contemplating if she should have a 8-way dash.

The only big buffs I would want though are increased damage on Okami Shuffle or fireburst covers the whole horizontal part of the screen it’s at and/or OTG’s. Glaive range increase. The tip of the Glavive actually doesn’t register as part of the sword :frowning:


8 way dash would make ammy insane, IMO. at the very least, i could run away in all directions while avoiding stuff.


Nah. She’s still slow. It’ll make parts of her game even better but it won’t make her insane.


Special cancelable rosary heavy normals would be interesting, fun, and a huge buff. That alone would make a lot more matchups against the large brawler/armor characters way more lopsided and would probably move ammy up a tier or at least in the upper part of her tier. A doubtful buff though imho. A little more damage on okami shuffle would be nice but it serves so much utility outside of combos by just controlling the screen that I can accept it as it is now. 8 way airdash would be kinda interesting with glaive airdash H shenanigans. But I don’t see it doing much for me outside of that since as a runaway tool all of her stalling moves move her back forward anyways. On top of that she has nothing to threaten with while running away so she is an aggressive character by nature.


She can be more than ‘aggressive’ from a theoretical point of speaking, since she does have her Cold Star & Power Slash specials to aid her keepaway.


i suppose she’d be slow, but i’d love the possibilities alone from having an 8-way dash. i do well enough with 3-way alone.


It would help her mobility as well as her keepaway.


Since Amaterasu is a versatile fighter. What do all of you think is her biggest weakness?


since I had to think about it, I would just say her chip potential or her ability to open up an opponent with good defense when she’s last left alive.

why, chip? I just like chip damage and outside of her hyper which is poor chip/damage as is, if she needs to chip away at you to pull a win, it’ll be slightly tougher than some other characters.

opening up? i only know of her jL, but outside of that I think she has a bit of trouble opening up an well executed defense.

not big issues, just her biggest as far as i’m concerned


I agree. I feel she does have tools to chip, but it takes her longer to get that kill if the players opts to do chip damage with her and compared to characters (even some like Wesker). And considering advancing guard her chip damage is next to nothing.

I think the chip damage on her Cold Star should be increased or reduce the amount of it taken away when opponents advance guard it.

As far as breaking defense, I’ve never had a problem with it. If I can’t get the kill, or I want some type of meter to end my combo with, I use Cold Star L/M, Thunder Edge L, the Glaive’s F+hhhh chain, or S.


Some nice adjustments for Ammy would be decreasing the damage scaling on Okami Shuffle. Fire burst now has OTG properties. Divine Instruments now OTG’s. Rosary st. H, cr. H, Cold Star H and Head Charge L and M now special cancelable. Or if possible make her Bloom assist have half of the lag reduced.


One small change that would be nice how beneficial it would be is a different matter, is being able to call an assist at any point after doing 3M from super jump height and touching the ground. Currently, you can call an assist but only while Ammy’s sword is touching the ground but as soon as she bounces back up and goes into the recovering animation, she can no longer call an assist. It’s as if you go from super jump status to temporary grounded status and back to super jump status before you finally go into the regular grounded while standing stance.


That adjustment would actually be helpful. It would increase her pressure and help her start air offense


I would just ask for small hit stun deterioration timings to make it possible to get decent combos off of rosary confirms off of the heavy’s with with assists.

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