UMvC3 Update - Yoshi Ono Chin continues to push for update


Just thought I’d share a tweet from YoshionoChin. As he mentions he continues to put effort in trying to get a UMvC3 update.

<a href=“”>May 24, 2014</a>

As I just want to share the hope. And encourage people to continue to let Capcom/Marvel know about the players wants. It took ten years for the last update from Marvel 2 to 3, but it DID HAPPEN.

Keep the dream alive fellow MvC fans! Continue to let Capcom/Marvel know you want an update every chance you get. :slight_smile:


Uh… you know Ono has never had anything to do with Marvel, right?


Yes. But he is influential in Capcom, so having his support does not hurt. IMHO


I mean, this is the first I’ve heard of Ono having done ANYTHING to support the game. Thinking he’ll change things is just wishful thinking IMO.


Best case scenario he is really pushing internally with his influence to try and get something in MvC series going.

Worst case, he is doing nothing.

So let’s assume worst case scenario. Would that not mean it is more crucial for us as fans to keep letting Capcom/Marvel know their is a fan base here to support the game, and that it is a wanted game worth their time and effort.

And if it’s best case scenario then we need to encourage them, keep the energy going,

Eaither way, as fans we should remind Capcom/Marvel, whenever their is a proper opportunity, that this is a game that fans are clamorin for and will support.


The problem is that there are no signs that an update really is worth the time and effort, at least as far as Marvel is concerned.


Really worth the time and effort is a matter of some perspective correct?

For Marvel/Capcom a positive perspective that makes it worth the time and effort is:

  • continues to highlight character IP they want to build and put into the public consciousness
    A good example of this is Rocket Racoon, or Doctor Strange. Marvel has looked to get these characters more popular and build the characters identity to the general public more. MvC has been good and useful for this strategy.

For example, it seems Marvel is looking into building the MS. Marvel ip, and the MvC series would be a good way to introduce her to a larger audience.

Another positive perspective:

Companies are always looking a new vertical revenue market for investments. Albeit FGC e-sports is not a huge money making industry today. But with the correct continued nurturing, and this industry being built brick by brick, it is on its way and continues to be more popular year over year.

And lastly money, I’m betting over the course of the decades Marvel and Capcom have made money on the MvC series.

With the right positioning and timing this could be a huge and be the worth the time and effort. IMHO


The dream is dead!


Just make a Marvel Superheroes fightan gaem.


I mean, if you want to set yourself up for disappointment again, go for it.


Lol capcom barely has the resources to push itself to make a real game, let alone secure the Marvel liscense.


Cynicism doesn’t really help in cases like that. How hard is it to show a little love?


Game is fine as it is. If you’re still wishing for an update because your team of Hsien-ko/Pheonix Wright/Thor doesn’t work then you clearly have no idea how to play Marvel.


Pick top tiers.


d3v Hisen-ko and Phoenix wright(and other characters) DO need a buff of somekind, they don’t have to touch the higher tiered characters. Don’t really care if there is a update or not


Buff She-Hulk and add Juggernaut.


What about an update to get those who left the game interested again, get new blood, fix the broken stuff, etc? There are a lot of reasons for an update. Plus, they can just take the SF4 route. Do some minor balance changes, add four new characters, change the HUD a little bit, and make it $15. Basically free money if Marvel/Disney doesn’t kill them with licensing fees (which they probably would).


I mean, there are tons of reasons to want an update.

I’m just saying that it probably won’t happen.


Why would you want to do this, in a Marvel game.

I mean a good part of what’s wrong with the game is because of attempts to fix what was broken in MvC2.


I don’t get what’s so hard to understand about the fact that no one wanted Marvel 2 Pt. 2.


Ono’s a troll til the end

Don’t lump Thor with those ass characters