UMVC3 = very noob UNfriendly

To noobs who just wanna have a fair match, all to often i’ll bump into someone who has discovered some cheap tactic or characters and just exploit the crap out of them. i understand you can get around it, but some characters you really can’t.


Hulk + sentinel.
Hulk just does anti-air gamma charge + H with sentinel assist and you can’t get out of it. even with push blocking. You do anything and you get hit.

Another problem is some characters just have WAY too much priority over everything. Dante and Vergil. If they so slightly touch you, even at a long distance, they can combo you. Even by accident. This game is insane and I’m regreting buying it. Its not even fun most of the times

Funny thing about Vergil is that practically everything he does is unsafe. I assume you aren’t playing against particularly good players so if you just manage to block his mix-ups you’ll be able to punish him severely. The Hulk thing could probably be punished with a beam assist, it’s what I do with situations like that. I’m not familiar enough with Dante to know how to work around him.

Xfactor guard cancel and combo to snap in Sentinel

sell it and buy the new call of duty game

lol pretty much. I suck so much I might as well play something else…like WoW. Requires much less skill

Or suck it up and practice like the rest of us. Believe it or not we all started exactly where you are. Your call.

To be fair, this game is rather punishing with certain characters and rewarding with others. Look to the tier list if you ask me. Jump and mash :h: with whoever you pick within the S and A tiers.

This game is probably one of the easier fighters out there, just give it some time.

every game has cheap tactics that newbies can’t deal with lol.

but theres a counter for everything, u just have to learn it.

(even with COD lol noobtube/camping everything :p)

That’s the exact reason why I pick up fighting games day 1 if I plan on actually wanting to be good at it. The gap gets way too wide if you wait to long to buy a fighting game.

So cheap tactics… are unfair?

Never expect a clean match in Marvel, of all games. If you want to play a fighting game that’s less wacky, there’s SF.

unless you’re like super good at dissect a game, it won’t matter in the long run. By coming into a game later you’ll have a large source of information ready for you, instead of trying to figure everything out yourself.

The only thing you loose by getting the game at a later date is the experience.

>easiest game to learn in the entire vs series, possibly easiest fighting game to learn of all time
>the entire MvC3 out little over a year
>noob unfriendly

maybe fighting games/practice just isnt your thing

            Did They jump Over It?                                Did They block it?
              SHORYUKEN!                                                   HADOKEN!

It’s the most noob friendly game I know of.

Then the noobs drop it when you realize you have to react to mix ups and place spacings at a speed that only someone who practiced video games 11 hours a day everyday can do.

Are you seriously saying mcv3 is not noob friendly? Dark wesker would like to have a few words with you. You wanna see noob UN-friendly. Play 3s, mvc2, ST, Capcom vs Snk 2, blazeblue,guilty gear. You son are just lazy and are mad cause you’re not owning shit from day 1, honestly if you cant handle losing to better players that are better than you and don’t want to work to get better you shouldn’t be playing fighting games at all. I really hope you arent serious

and no you don’t have to practice THAT much you just have to play/practice occassionally if you want to be decent. especially at MVC3 its a VERY easy game compared to alot of others.

I got 9th place at Evo in 3S so I know about old games. Thanks.

It is noob friendly it’s just nobody except top top players will ever actually win at it. The game is going to get to a point just like MVC2 where you play against anybody good at the game and you will get nothing done. Even if you have XF3 Durp anchor…just like in Japan they will just snap your anchor in and whoop on them until they die.

The stuff you have to learn to footsie and block on a consistent basis is just not something a noob player will every do. When the noob player gets their XF3 Wesker blocked down or ran away from by some guy at a tournament they’ll just drop the game.

Back during the 2006 to 2009 3S days I had plenty of people just like you say 3S is just noobers game so it’s the same shit with another game. You don’t have to play that much to get good with Chun Li she’s easy and wins the world etc.

MVC2 to anybody but fighting games nerds from the day the game came out was ridiculed as being another button masher mash fest. One that doesn’t have 6 buttons like the old, smarter Capcom fighters.

Have you tried Wesker?

I was saying you don’t have to play MVC3 much to get good at it. I never said 3s was noob friendly. I thing that you mis understood my post man.

The more you play and practice, the less frequently you will find yourself in a “cheap” or “inescapable” situation.

The reason you aren’t having fun is because you think about winning online instead of learning. Fighting games have a steep learning curve. If you are the type of person that likes instant gratification when playing online games, this genre isn’t for you. Of course, you can learn to be patient and tolerant of losses while playing UMVC3. Just keep a calm mind while playing and do not let any online encounter frustrate you for too long; save it for live streamed tournaments (we tend to enjoy seeing those type of reactions).